Monday, December 29, 2008


Where and what did i actually do on that day??
Came back from uni at afternoon then rest..
Went for a movie (Twilight) at Gurney, then dinner at Korean Palace..
It was the 1st time i went to a korean restaurant to have korean food..
The price is affordable for all and the food is nice too.. next time shud bring my friends along there.. One person about RM 25 like tat nia..
After we had our dinner we went up to Batu Feringghi, Summerset Bistro...
But somehow our plan failed cause when we arrived there, it was already full with people.. No place to seat.. End up we went to ting relative house for some celebration..
Sumhow suddenly i feel that xmas eve is no that happening this year..
Even the road was kind of quite along tanjung bungah...
After tat we planned to drive round upper penang road to have a look and see weather is there any parking for us..
Wow, we were kind of lucky cause we manage to find a car park.. haha
We actually went in to Fame & Glo Club for free... haha..
We hang around there and then move to QE2 at Jetty for awhile..
Haha.. tat was our xmas eve.. ..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Tong Yun Day aka Tang Chek (hokkien)
haha.. today is chinese christmas day where everyone will make tong yun to eat and pray..
sadly this year my family can't make the tong yun ourself.. we buy from outside to pray my ama, ahkong and ah cho..
Ah ma passed away not long ago so have to buy from outside this year..
Luckily i manage to eat tong yun before i return to usm.. So sad that i have to return to usm hostel today.. starting class tomorrow morning d.. What a sad thing..
All my uni friends still having their holiday until january.. Only USM students have to go back and start study.. stupid nia..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Juin at Singapore and Early X Mas Pressie!!!

Celebrated Juin 20th birthday at Singapore this year.. Hope that she will like the bag that we give her and hope she was happy on tat night we had at club too.. hehe Oh ya, thx er jie and ah ping for the early xmas presents.. love it ...

Mr yang yang... our prince in singapore....
he is only about 9 months.. damm cute and handsome boy... I know u all wanna ki siau cause i deleted his pic at huiting camera but at least i still have a few here.. haha
Holiday & Chirstmas in Singapore....

ladies night at club at St James power station with sister on my 2nd day...

Well, it is the 1st time i went for holiday with my friends alone without my parents. Even taking flight without my parents too.. At last after so long of planning we manage to go together..
Actually i was there about 9 days.. that was long..
Going together with hui ting, juin, chia ming and meet siaw ping there.. but then wasted no jane and angelyn..
Okay where we went??? Actually most of the place we went these year was exactly where i went last year with my daddy..Orchard Road decoration with candy theme....Singapore clubbing .. better compare to penang.. with live band..

Orchard road, Clarke Quay, Suntec City, Esplanade, Sentosa Island, Vivo City, Singapore Science Centre, China Town, Bugis & NUS... haha..
Among all places it was the 1st time i went to club - The Arena , Science Centre & Bugis.. Oh ya night ride till 5 am.. cool man..
Happy shopping around too.. but then must always convert into RM 1st before we buy.. When there is sales there, it really worth to buy... But i think i am not the one that shop the most.. hehe
Really had lots of fun with all my friends there..
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone here...

Ps: somehow is kind of blur the pics.. paisei lar.. haha

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I am at Singapore !!!
Yeye.. Now i am at Singapore... On9 in my sis room and staying at my sista hostel for a few days.
My friends (ming, ting & Ju)will be coming down to Singapore by bus on 12th night and reach on the 13th morning...
This time i will be staying at Singapore until maybe 17 or 18 of Disember..
I am so happy and glad that my dad n mummy at last allow me to come with my friends.
It is the 1st time i travel out of Malaysia by plane without my mum and dad and it will be the 1st time i join my kiddies for holiday..
Happy and excited...
I will be then staying at sping place when they reach...
Today i travelled about 5-6 hours before reaching my sister hostel..
Direct flight from Penang to Singapore was full. So we took flight from Penang - KL- Johor Bahru, then took bus to Kota Raya and transit to Singapore...
Kind of tired journey..
My finals result coming out soon .. Left 2 days to go...
All the best everyone...winks

Monday, December 01, 2008

Huhh... It had been quite long i didn't update my blog..
I am kind of lazy these days to update my blog..
What to do everyday i eat, sleep, watch dvd, online and etc... All the same routine everyday makes me damm bored at home sometimes..
Can't wait for my sista to come back these week then we will be going out everyday and swim swim with our beloved cousins...
Oh ya i can't wait for my Singapore trip to come again. These times i will be going back with my sista 1st then will join my kiddies later on.. haha..
This will be my 1st trip wif my beloved kiddies lor.. luckilly my parents end up allow me to go.. hohoho...
What have i do these past few weeks???>>>
Watch movies - madagascar & bolt, hang out with my friends and meet old friends, went hiking, pak tor with my daddy and mummy and amma, watch dvd at home, online, and dunno d..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today is my 3rd day of holiday. So happy that I am having my one month semester break. Last 2days I went around penang for a tour. My beloved USM friends that consists of See Mei, Chui Ting, Li Lin, Yi Zong, Chin Tatt, Kok Loong , Issac and also James came down to Penang for a holiday trip. So, me and mei ling have to be their tour guide for these 2 days. We drove back to Penang after we finished our last paper on Monday. By the time we arrived Penang and settled everything for our lunch it was already 3pm. We took our lunch at that time because we need to clear and pack our stuff back home 1st from hostel. Everyone of us was dammm hungry. I bought them to New World Park to have lunch. Everyone eat a lot especially Yi Zong. Wow he was like I want this and that. He really dammm hungry. He ordered about 5 types of food to eat alone. That was great. So, this was our 1st destination in Penang. Next we went to Penang Road to eat chendul and laksa since a few said that the ice kacang at New World Park not nice. Chendul for them at there was best. Good! Hehe.. After finished eating all of us were dam full and so we went for a walk at gurney plaza. Gurney Paragon has opened a few days ago, that was what Juin told me. Somehow for me I feel that Gurney Paragon is not that nice. I dunno why. Maybe I did not really walk in detail lar. It was big and now it seems like full of branded stuff too. Cool.. Actually no one wanted to buy any stuff unless small small stuff at Watson. We ended up watching movie at GSC. Only 3 girls not watching because they wanted to have some walk around. So, we watched Madagascar 2 . It was a funny movie as I can say. I like to move it move it!!!!!! Move IT!!!.. lolz… After movie we then eat again. Food here we come!!!! At 1st I wanted to bring them to eat western food near the seaside but then they prefer to eat at air conditioner place. So , I am fine for it as long as they wanted… hehe.. We went to Breeks to have our dinner. As usual, they have western food. 

Then we walked along gurney drive to enjoy the night view a while. But the water seems dried cause low tight..
Nothing much to do there and so I drove them back to their hotel 1st to check in and had a cleanup/rest. They book a hotel room at Grand Continental which situated opposite Gama Supermarket. It cost them RM170 per room for a night. It was Rm34 per person because there were 5 of them in a room. The room was so small and the 2nd bed have no place to pull out. They cramped 4 people in the bed and another person at a long chair. Kesian.. Next time I should ask them to choose other hotel d… Sorry for that because it kind of last minute when they told me that they wanted to book a hotel to stay. After settled everything at hotel Issac and James went back to their another friend, Joshua home to stay a night. Both of them did not stay the hotel together. I then drove them around E n O hotel / garage there to have a night view and look around how is our clubbing place. But to bad so sad that Monday night seems very quiet and few clubbing place were close like Momo and Mois. You can see only a few people there at about 11 something at night. I dunno why.. The road seems quiet and peace. Hehe.. I ended up bringing them to Red Garden where it was also the 1st time I went there too. I didn’t know it was situated at around that area. We had some drink there. When we went in there we was shocked somehow because there were many aunties and uncles there having their drinks and even dancing tango/cha cha there. Only a few teenages like us there. It was funny some way. The next morning I went to find them and bring them to have breakfast. This time my car had to squeeze in 7 people including me. Mei Ling was lazy to come over so early. I took them to have some dim sum. Dim Sum at Anson Road was closed so I bring them to Abu Siti Lane. Then we continue our journey to Burmese and Siam Temples at Burma Road. They had the sweet coconut ice cream there and it is nice for them too… Next was Kek Lok Si temple. That was the place they wanted to go to. We had some coconut drink and air tebu there before we walked up. Hang around there about 2 hours I think. I even bought them to see Bat Cave Temple to look at some bats.
We are actually trying to act like the background pictureAt Kek Lok Si... Stepping on the stone.. PAIN!!!

Then, we meet Mei Ling to have our lunch at Padang. Lok Lok, Popiah, Pasembur and Char Koay Teow were the foods that we had for our lunch. Next, Youth Park!!!! Most of them never see such a big playground park. At there we act as if we are
still a small kids fooling and playing around. Playing the sea-saw, swing, exercise tools and so on enjoying around…. The last place we went before I droped them at Ferry Station was Haegen Dazz. We enjoy the ice cream before they went back to USM hostel… hehe.. I hope everyone of you all enjoy the trip with me and mei ling ya.. We have another 7 semester to go kai kai and ki siau.. lol.. Happy holidays my friends and meet you in another 1 months times.. Miss ya lots.. muakzz…. Jia you for those taking French and korea paper ya.. Fighting!!!!.....

P/s : will continue edit later on....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happy birthday to gina aka siao hai Yap Kar Fai. 17th Nov 2008 was his birthday. He is my coursemate who is damm small size and skin too.. Thinner than me.. so sad ho.. lol..

The funny thing happen at 12am on 16th Nov which was also considers beginning time on 17th Nov…

We lied to him that we were going to give him some tips for our mechanic test paper and so he came down at his block. We then surprised him with a cute bear with blue and red colour and also a cute spaghetti on it.. lol… That was what See Mei, me, Yi Zong, Li Lin, Chui Ting, Sean & Su Min gave gina as his birthday present. Damm cute and funny. I was in charge to buy the present. Is kind of last minute lar.. Some more limited edition of bear to choose to buy. At last I found one cute and funny one for him. Hope that he will like it . He seems liking it lor.. See the cute bear.. Cute leh with funny colour...

Posing with the bear before giving it to gina kia

Besides siau hai birthday 17th Nov 2008 was also my freedom day after suffering for 3 weeks of final exam at USM.. When the clock stuck 12pm sharp I was like wow… At last I finished my last paper where I didn’t read that much on it.. Never mind there still 7 sememster for us to pia.. this was the motto in life for most of us.. lol.. Trying to feel console ourself. Whatever it is, holiday comes first.. Oh ya I even packed everything from my hostel home a few boxes of my notes. Everything was cleared in 1 second.. kaka..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Title..
Yeye.. left another paper for my finals..
Haihs i had been suffering for these few weeks due to final exam..
Study last minutes is always like that
And is not the 1st time i always study last minute lor..
My last paper will me mechanics on monday..
Among all paper some how i scared this paper lor
I also dunno y i so scared..
Hope everything will be fine on monday!!!
After that HOLIDAY!!!
Cant wait to go out n lepak...
n chit chat and watever..

Monday, November 03, 2008

See all the pictures below...
My sexy leg...
Just kena allergy...
Dad say maybe i kena allergy to simen....
i went to see doctor, he gave me some medicine to eat and to apply...
hope it will get well soon...
stil feel itchy...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aisei Ms See Mei, proud or not i blog about you here.. Kamtung or not .. Must cry ya.. lolz
Or else put eye more... So sorry for the late wish but still on the right day... haha...
Happy Birthday To you ya.. Now 20 years old like me d lor.. haha...
My beloved room mate, hope you have a good bird day and enjoy you day too
May all ur dreams come true ya..
Miss you too cause cannot chit chat wif you /.... as we always do every day at hostel.. lolz
study hard too.. jia you together..
muakz...... see you on Sunday night...
Movie Marathon
Last Monday was also Deepavali holiday for everyone.
Someone suddenly came back to surprise us except for kiddie ming because she knew that earlier.
Our beloved Singapore worker kiddie siaw ping came back out of sudden without telling us anything. At 1st she thought that all of us suppose to be surprise and happy but sumhow me, juin and jane was like oh u ar back.. like nothing..
Kek si her nia.. lolz..
So long didn't see her d. Seriously i really miss her alot (don't let her know later her tail grow longer) and i miss ah ting too.. and i know of cause they surely miss me too..
It was like a few months we last meet. Me, jane, juin, ming and ping went to queesnbay for a movie marathon. At 1st we planned to watch 3 or 4 movies but because i do not want to go back late home we only manage to watch 2 movies.
High School Musical 3 & Butterfly Lovers...
Among HSM 1,2 n 3 i will rank the 1st one nicer of all sumhow followed by 3 then 2..
For butterfly lovers it suppose to be a love story and romantic story but somehow we ended up laughing all the way because of sum funny parts.. luckily we didn't get scolded by anyone.. lolz..
I really enjoy the day with kiddies.. really miss all of them...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At Last i Found Back my Purse!!!
5.30am in the morning my handphone rang. I was wondering how come my godmother will call me so early. She asked me did I lost my purse at Taiping? I told her yes. I was still wondering that time as if I am still at the dreamland.. hehe.. Then she told me that there was a person called her this morning to tell her that they found a purse that was MIND!!!
When I heard about that I was sososo dam happy.. At that time I feel that I am so lucky man… She then gave me the restaurant number where my purse was found. After I end my phone call with here I really dam happy til I can’t sleep awhile I think.. I did sms to all my friends that know about it and concern about me.. When I woke up I quickly called the person and he told me that is with him now. My friend suggest either I drive back to taiping to get back my purse or ask them to sent it to me by using pos laju. I feel unsafe by sending through pos laju so my dad will drive me down this evening to get it back. The uncle told me that my purse was found by his waiter/kuli. They then passed it to him. He told me that there are cards there but no money left. I am fine with that as long as the important card like ic, license and matrix card are there. I hope so.. Or else I will be wasting my time driving all the way down to taiping to get it. Like my friend said if you always do good things you will surely get good in return. If you always had bad karma then you will be unlucky always.. I always agree with that sometimes.. :) Thaks to all my friends for your concern and helping hands.. Muakz……….

Monday, October 27, 2008


What a bad luck day for me. I LOST MY PURSE!!!! My ic, license,matrix card, touch & go card, money, pictures and some personal cards just lost in 2 days. So sad. The story goes like this…

Last Saturday I went to Taiping for Kathina Day. At 1st we arrived there at evening so we went to had our dinner at Yes Restaurant. After paying for my meal I kept my purse at my friend big handbag as I did not bring bag or even a handbag. We then went back to the temple to clean ourselves. Before that I ask her my purse still with you right and she check she said yes. So fine. After bath we went down to celebrate Bapak birthday. That night we keep talking and fooling around till midnight and then sleep. The next morning was Sunday. As usual woke up early in the morning my friend and I bath and get ready to help up. That time she did took out something from her handbag then we just moved to our destination leaving behind our luggage and even my friend handbag. We only bring ourselves there. The room that we stayed at consists of me, my 3 friend and 1 grandma with her grandson. After finished helping around at the temple we clean ourselves and prepared to go back to Penang. I am kind of stupid that time lor. I didn’t ask back for my purse. All this days I thought it will be safe because it was at her bag. When I reached queensbay, Penang I only ask her for my purse. At that time she say aiks I thought I give it back to you d. She keeps on searching around every part of her bag and even mine bag. But end up I can’t find it. She told me that she thought she gave it back to me but I told her NO. I did not get anything from you. When I can’t find my purse I am so dam scared till I cried out. Maybe when people know that I cried they sure thinks that stupid girl cry for what. No use to cry. But somehow my tears keep dropping out and I can’t control it. I know that I surely get scold by my parents especially my mum. Last time I lost my camera and handphone before and now my purse. What a bad karma I had in my life of losing something important and expensive.. huhh.. I think I day I should lost myself.. Sobsob… why am I so stupid and careless.

Ok back to my story…. I asked my friends to call back to the temple people quickly to search wether did my friend accidentally drop it or what but today they told me that they didn’t found it.. sad… Yesterday night I get scolded by my mum like mad and I even somehow get war with her but I today ended up saying sorry to her d… Is my fault too for keeping my purse at my friend place and also taking so many unnecessary things there.. Today juin just took me to the police station to report that I just lost my purse. Wahlau, it was my 1st time I enter police station to report.. Scary.. haha.. I just told them that my purse was stolen by dunno who ever at penang temple at what time and got what inside my purse .. I didn’t know it was so easy .. Somehow the reason how my purse get lost is still a big question mark on my head.. haihz… I must think positively.. Is time for me to change a new purse and ic and license.. Yesterday I quickly block my matrix atm card. Or else later all my ptptn money all will gone too.. scary lor.. Now must waste money redo my IC, license and even my matrix atm card which cost RM60… haihz…I think next time I should tie everything on my neck .. Safer…Sample of police report... Receipt : RM2.00 for a report

TAIPING TRIP TO SASANARAKKHA BUDDHIST TEMPLEWhat is this??? Monk Mini Kuti (their mini home)Tree hanger... Unique

I just came back from Taiping last Saturday and Sunday. My main motive to go there is to give helping hands at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Temple. The temple was having Kathina celebration and so a few of us went down to taiping to give some helping hands around. It was the2nd time I went to Sasanarakkha Buddhist Temple. It was really a good place that I can suggest to all of you to go. A peaceful and relaxing place. The temple is situated on top of the hill whereby only 4 wheel car like jeep can go up. Normal car like kancil, proton and others car can’t manage to go up.Michael, me & DenaDena, me & my new friend (Ko Pek)....

The journey up to the temple was one of an exciting moment to everyone. When we reached there, we parked our car somewhere near a waterfall. Then we must wait for 4 wheel car to drive us up to the temple. Why I say the journey up the temple was so exciting. This is because the the road that we going through is not a straight road. It was a super winding road until there was a few turning/curve roughly 360 degrees. We sat/stand behind the lorry and jeep. No place you can experience this exciting moment. Only when you go to Sasanarakkha Buddhist Temple. Everytime I went there I surely won’t forget the exciting moment down and up the hill.The cake for bapak.. Specially ordered for him.. there are 34 candles (before blow)See the condition of the cake after the candles blow off... Cause using the special candles..

At the same time, we do celebrated Bapak aka Chee Oon birthday at night at the temple. Bapal will be 34 years old on 30th Oct2008. So, Daniel and other had planned to celebrate his birthday in advanced there along with a few of Bapak Kl friends too. It was the 1st time I met bapak . He was called Bapak by everyone because he was the only person who participated in Incovar Buddhist Camp ever since 1995 until now if I am not wrong.. opz.. forgt d.. He was really a nice person too.. :)

During Sunday morning all of us woke up early in the morning to start helping around and prepared for the Kathina Day celebration. Wow I did not expect sosososo many people will come. It was like about more than 2000 people came to celebrate together with the monks. It was the 1st time I saw so many people came for kathina day. Everything goes smoothly as planned. Even you can see the drivezr that drive everyone from downhill till uphill didn’t stop doing their job from morning till the kathina finished at about noon.

At 1st we planned to go to the waterfall to play but it ended up Daniel , Tza Yeong & Bapak went there. Somehow no one told us that they wanna go there. The last time I came there, I went to the waterfall and played before. Really cold, clean and nice waterfall to play… Too bad can’t enjoy it this time.. We actually pack our stuff and went back to Penang at about 3 something then… HAPPY KATHINA DAY!!!PLAY SAFE!! USE MALAYSIAN RUBBER!! yeang t shirt he gt- RM30 bucks ar