Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Last Day Of School 07
Sobsob… Today is my last day of school in St George’s Girl School. It will be my really really last day and last time I study in this school. I will never have any chance to sit in classroom and wear pinafore anymore except during my STPM EXAM which is going to starts on 19th November 2007 until 3rd December 2007. Most of my friends won’t be going to school after today. The actual day for us to leave school is actually tomorrow but somehow most of us took early holiday to study at home. It has been 7 years I have study in SMK (P) St George. I still can remember how I look like and how I funny am I during form 1 orientation day. In all this 7 years, I have a lot a lot of sweet and memorable memories in my school. I will surely miss all my friends and my school life in school after I finish my STPM exam. Time really fly fast. 7 years have been past in just a blink of eyes. Even though people always say that friends always come and go anytime but I still do not want to depart with all my beloved friends that I know all this while. It is very hard to get true friends. Everyone must know how to appreciate all your friends while you can. After another half years, most of my friends will all be at different places to study. Really sad to depart with them. I guess if next time if my friends going to sent me off somewhere is surely will cry out. Haihz… No choice..
I would like to thank all my friends for being a good & best buddy in my life. Without all of them my life won’t be so exciting & memorable. This year, my school has a lot of get together for all of the school leavers (F5 & U6). Graduation Night, Farewell, Majils Mohon Restu, Hari RIMUP, Camera Day & etc. This is the time for all of us to get together, to take a lot of pictures for memory, to siau siau together & more la..To all my classmates of U6S1, I would like to tell them that they are the best. My siau lala friends all this while: Mei Ling, Chia Ming, Wen Shan, Janice, Loo Wen, Wan Yin, Li Ling, Yuen Nee, Claudia, Sathia, Salinee, Pushpa & also Misriyah. Happy & glad to have a great classmates like them. Having a great time together. Even teachers always say that our class is the class where everyone always happy go lucky.. haha..
Not only them, the others too like :- Hui Ting, Elora, Phei Chuin, Melanie, Amanda, Cavina, Subba, Dharis, Jolyn,Fiona, Suriani & others…
Hope that we can always be together & still can go out together the next time..

Poor Dolphin.. My gang of frenz...

Here We are Again On the Poor Tortoise

My beloved Classmates... U6S1

During Majlis Mohon Restu... With Teachers.. at Vistana Hotel

Jolyn,Janice,Wen Shan,Me,Claudia
& Chia Ming

Me, Wen Shan & sad Mei Ling...

The 4 SGGS Super Heroins... Waakak... Chia Ming, Wen Shan, Me & Jolyn(trying 2 act cute pulak)