Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dinner at Bella Italia

We had our last dinner together at Bella Italia, an Italian restaurant at Belissa row. At 1st we were supposed to go to Ecco to had out dinner but unfortunately it closed on that monday.. hehe..
It is a nice place for dinner and we were pretty loud as usual. Whenever and wherever we go, our voice are everywhere. we really had a crazy night. Okay it was all my fault. I dunno why i will come out with the "Hong-ness" thing with ming until the whole car laugh non stop. Until Ju need to stop at the side because she laugh non stop until she can't concentrate her driving.. haha
Happiness that was what ju wanted.. i gave her everyday and every time i met her.. haha
One day she will go crazy all because of me.. haha.. good.. hiak hiak..
Going back uni tomorrow.. what a sad thing and what a fast 2 months holiday had passed..
Waiting for next holiday to get crazy with my beloved crazy and my f6 friends.. haha..
Laughter is the best medicine ...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Girls Outing..
Meeting my F6 Gang.. A few of them ppk me.. too bad so sad.. hehe
but we still enjoy our day with laughter.. Pictures worth a thousand words..:)
Pics edited by me.. hehe..winks