Sunday, March 16, 2008

chia ming & me before STPM results (morning).. hehe

11 MARCH 2008!!!
Even though 11 March 2008 had already passed for few days but only until today I am free to sit down and write my blog. These date was like a death date for me. STPM results release on that day. Can you imagine 2 days before the results I couldn’t sleep for whole night. IS WHOLE NIGHT!!! Actually I do not know why I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t even think of my results but somehow I couldn’t sleep. I try to drink milk to sleep like what chia ming told me but it did not works on me either. No choice I have to guling guling on my bed till morning. Worst thing again happen on me. My stomach start to cramp the next morning. Pain like hell. I can feel that I am going to fainted too. Some more I am still working. It pain until the next morning. This is what people told me, you must be stressful and worried about your result. I was thinking maybe lar. STPM results really make my whole life mad. Not like SPM results. Last time during SPM results I never been so panic and nervous before like today.
On the real day of my STPM results that is on 11 March 2008, I was sosososo sad.. It was my shock and sad day. Actually all this while I expect I can get a good results as in 2A and 2B. Getting 2A is not that greedy I thing. Maybe all this while I am too confident of myself. I cannot blame anyone. I should blame myself for being to confident on my results or exam. My results turn out in the other way wrong than I expect. It is really bad. For others, they think that it is already good. As long as there is no C in my results than it is fine. I do not think so. Getting not more than 2A or 2A is a bad result for me. It is very very hard for me to get the course that I want to. I really can’t take it when I open my results. I cry like mad. Is so sad to get these results. Everyone including teachers and my friends keep telling me that my results already is good and you sure can enter university. Actually sometimes I feel this console is very insulting to me. I know that they are actually trying to make me happy and console me but sometimes it is like…. Dunno how to explain. Each time my relatives or my friends ask me about my results, I really can’t take it. I surely cry after I talk to them. It is so sad. I nearly cry the whole day. Kind of bad mood when go to work the next day. Maybe I should try even harder last time. No point to regrets now. As all my friends advice me, your future is not only based on your stpm results. The only thing I hope now is to get a good university and a good course to study too. I already know that I already disappointed both my parents. I do not want them to be so disappointed on me. They hope that I can study out of Malaysia but don’t think I can get Singapore scholarship to fulfill their dreams.. Pray heart this time.. Good luck everyone for their application.. Hope I can get in the same university as my fiends.. WinksJ

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pre Pre STPM Results!!!

Me & Phei Chuin at Pizza hut (phei chuin looks so shock)

This name was name by our beloved chia ming.. Since she started to name pre STPM so i name it as pre pre STPM cause is 2 days b4 STPM results.... Me, CHia Ming, Elora, Phei Chui, Mei Ling, Suriani & Cavina was trying to relax ourself and forgot bout tuesday.. Many ppl can't make it to today outing.. So sad... but luckily end up got ppl turn up. It was so funny at first elora plan to go to joging at the morning, then go back bath then go quensbay for walk walk and at night go e gate for dinner. But end up the joging plan and queensbay plan was cancelled. No one wanna go out whole day. End up we stuck at Tesco Pizza Hut to eat our dinner and chit chat... All of us was chit chating and trying to 4got about tuesday where our result going to be release...After eating we really dunno where to go.. We go round and round tesco for awhile and end up decided to go to e gate to have a drink.

This pizza looks weird.. With Chili sauce.. Have u heard ppl eat pizza with chilli sauce.. Thats how pheichuin n cavina eat pizza.. cute leh.. haha

We went to Old Town to have our drink and continue chit chat again.. We crap alot the whole night.. since left 2 days for our big day (STPM Results), so we have to enjoy everyday , every minute and even every second... At Old Town!!! This is the coffee and drinks that we oder.. yum yum

We really can't imagine what will happen during the day at 12pm ... Wearing our ugly and super giant school tshirt to school.. It is like pyjamas tshirt to me.. super big and gigantic when i wear it (L size on ME)can you imagine that.... swt man.. Some of us plan to wear it with mini skirt.. They purposely wanna do so since they give us super big and ugly tshirt...

We end up sitting at Old Town until 11pm like that... Below are some pics that we took during our pre pre stpm results... haha... :)

Me, Cavina & Phei Chuin at tesco TOILET!!!... even took picture at the toilet

Chia Ming & Suriani in action... candid shot
Me & Suriani at tesco building...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

AFTER SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elora, huiting, cavina, me & wenshan...

Pre STPM Results get together at Suriani hse...
OMG!!!! It was really really long that i did not update my blog.. No choice sometimes i am very buzy and sometimes too lazy to write my blog.. i will try my best from now onwards to update my blog often... Some of my friends even told me tat ur blog already berkulat d.. haha..I have been working for about 2 months plus to 3 months. This was the longer period i ever work. I never work that long b too.. Time really fyy fast. Is MARCH NOW!!!!..
swt man..My STPM result really really coming out soon. Its on 11 MARCH 2008!!! for those who do not know about this..I really really worry about mr result. I have the feeling that i won't get a good result as i know that i did not do weel during STPM examination..Nowadays me and my friend i getting mad because our result going to come out really soon.We alrady plan to go out everyday until tuesday to relax ourself 1st..even on tuesday morning i plan to go out for breakfast with all of my fren.. I am sure that i can't sleep during monday night (the night b4 result day).. I am sure most of my friends will be like me too..I even take an off day on tuesday. I do not want to go back to work after i have taken my result.. Is kind of lazy nowadays to go to work. No choice, have to work until may the latest i guess. Working actually very tired than studying at school. I more prefer going to school than going to work. School life really nice and cool. I so miss my school life everyday, every minute and even every seconds.. I hope that all my friends will get a good results too and all the best in their result.. Think positively... hehe :)