Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 4My chest.. Nice bo??? 1st time i go x ray my chest!!

Guess what is Cali??? i don't really know how to spell it..
Cali is one of a super famous insect in USM,Nibong Tebal. It is super popular over here.
It has a size bigger than an ant, black colour with orangy red strip on it.
This cali won't bite you or killed you. But it can harm you by giving out just a little bit of liquid from their body (toxic liquid) on your body. Any parts of your body..
It will only appear mostly at a bright place especially at the toilet where our toilet lights won't switch off whole day long.
Everytime when i go bath or while changing, i sure must check evry part of my body & clothes so that that stupid cali won't stick on it..
Scary kay.. At 1st i thought i am very careful enough but yesterday i was so unlucky. I get 4 scars from that stupid cali. I do not know how i get it..
maybe is my pants lar.. the scars i get is on my leg (luckilly not face)
I did not realise it until yesterday night after my chinese lesson. Wow, it scared me.
I was like so shock,, holy shit..
luckilly my friend have the cream to put on it, 1 of it shows abit "nana" on it.. others is like a vut scar.. I plan to go the clinic to take the cream easier..
I never thought that i will get the charlie scar so fast..
My senior told me that, once you saw the scar quickly put an alkaline solution on it to neutral the scar..
but somehow is too late for me to do so.. sobsob..
This insect is super famous over here. Senior always say, if you didn't get any scar or bite from chali you won't graduate from USM.. lolz..

I took some pictures with my room mate and also my polymer fren and also meilingt rying to act cute pics.. hahaWhat is this??? The field view from my room!!My room mate, See Mei & Me.. Big eyes leh!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tohoshinki-Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou

Somehow i love this song so much.. kambateh tohoshinki!!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

1st Week after Orientation!!
Life in USM is soso bored and lame...
tats the onli word that i can describe if you ask me..
1st week of class damm bored..
did nothing, learn not that much, learn sum stupid stuff, even class always ended earlier than we expect..
this is what they call uni life???
everyday me and meiling will be together after class, doing ntg..
2 ppl walking around under hot weather, then go bck room
then sleep, then eat, then talk n then sleep..
same routine everyday.. haha..
everyday we will keep thinking of friday..
cause we can go back home every friday... tats what we want to..
so miss my f6 life.. i rather back to my f6 life..
miss every 1 and every moment..
so sad..
everyday at uni must speak in mandrin.. so uncomfortable...
now, have to start catch up with my studies.. can see many students start to study and i am still fooling around..
now can on9 with LAN, but then haihz...
Stupid USM ppl block all the website- youtube, crunchyroll, mysoju..
all block... crazy lar.. so , now have to be stalker like jolyn d..
can onli stalk news n pics but not video..
How to survive for 4 years?????
help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, July 05, 2008

USM Orientation Week!!!!

Sweet & Lovely card from my kiddies!! Bye Bye Card
Huh... I am back home after 1 week suffering at USM, Nibong Tebal. Orientation week was so damm boring and sucks. As if i am at kindergarten school. Haha.. 1st day of orientation week was so scary, everything have to be done alone. Luckilly, i have a good room mate staying with me who is from Sungai Petani. Another 2 room mates will be my senior who had moved in yesterday. They are nice too. But one thing bad is the 2 senior can't really speak hokkien. Only my room mate, See Mei who is studying the same course can speak in hokkien with me. Guess what, I have the same thinking and attitude like my room mate. We always talk funny and stupid stuff in the room especially at night. Each one of us will only be given a bed, cupboard, study table & study board.

This is how my room looks like.
All the new students in USM were all motly from chinese school. They always speak in mandrin or cantonese. So, i have no choice. I have to switch to mandrin mode than hokkien mode. That was funny. I get to know a few girls from Penang too. Even Malays where most of them came from matrics. So hate the PPMS ( Pembimbing Pelajar Minggu Suaikenal). They are the head and the one who guide us during this 1 week of orientation. They always act as if they are the pro. Me and Mei Ling so hate them. they always think that they are the best and they are the top student in USM d. swt...
Me and meiling always stand on our own. Not like other gals there always stick to guys. Everydya we have talks, exercise, and so on. We have to walk from our hostel to lecturer hall and main hall everyday. To and fro everday and every time. It is very tiring and i realize that i had lose weight. thats good..
This year they told us that we are damm lucky because this was the 1st time USM VC ( Suriani's Father) came to USM engineering campus to give a talk and have a dinner with us. I actually dowanna say too much things here. Next time then.. :)Picture taken during Majlis Makan Malam during last day.. My table friends..

Me, Azhar & Azi... Dunno how to spell lar
FOOD!!!. The food we had on the nightMe & Mei Ling...