Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baking & Cooking Lesson...
~Freshly bake bread and taiwanese minced meat~
Just finished with 7 hours cooking & baking lesson from my beloved aunty...
She is a good cook. She is able to cook and bake variety of food.
Everything is just in her finger tips..
She even has her own cooking bible.. recipes from her friends and some modified by herself after a few trial and error..
Cooking and baking are actually fun.. Depending on how much interest you put on it.
Kitchen is just like a playground world.. you can just mix and match everything as you like.. as long as it comes out nice..
Everything start with a trial and error method...
Cooking can makes one feel happy and self satisfaction once you see the results no matter it is failed or passed.. weee....... next 2 weeks I will learn how to make a pau.. wuhoo...
One thing, I am not strong enough to mix the bread dough by myself using my hand.. Ended up using the help of machine too.. :)
Baking moment....
My cinammon roll.. yumyum
Bread with sausages and also minced meat.. variety or weird shapes
Taiwanese Minced meat... sorry for the poor photo.. :) Really nice and smell good..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sydney, Australia 2011 (20th July 2011 - 3rd August 2011) Part 1

At last I have time to blog about my 2 big trips during this semester break. Australia & Singapore..I will start with my Australia trip 1st.. Somehow I will make it as short as possible.. hehehe...I will put more pics than wordings.. hehe
Pics worth a thousand of words..
Overall, It was a wonderful, memorable, exciting and great trip to Sydney. Staying with my neighbour (Hui Fen) relatives (Tham's Family) ...
They had migrated to Sydney since long time ago. Oh yeah, I knew them since long ago too. They used to be my ex-neighbour too.. Is our childhood friend.
Aunty, uncle and their two sons (eu jen & eu wen) treat us very good. As if we were living in a big family.. Really need to thanks them a lot for spending their times and money on us.. Appreciate it a lot and I missedthe time we had at Aus too..
Crazy around with aunty, uncle and of cause Eu Jen the old kid.. hahahaha....
Australia was a wonderful and beautiful place to stay at. Clean and nice environment with
friendly people all around. Love them.. hehehe
Anyway they are staying at Quakers Hill situated West of Sydney City.
2 weeks at Sydney was a long trip though.. Sydney - Snowy Mountain - Canberra - Sydney...
Driving all the way to Snowy Mountain and Canberra was a tired thing.
About 7.5 hours drive to Snowy Mountain from Quakers Hill.. We woke up early in the morning to start our journey on that day. Nearly around 5am we start our journey..

Ok well, I shall list down where and what I did on the
2 weeks in summary... hehehehe

Day 1 - Rouse Hill Shopping Mall, Steamboat Dinner with Eu Wen at China Town before he go for his holiday trip, Visited Eu Wen office at Blake Dawnson building situated at George Street.
Their house.. front view of their house.. big right..
mini post box..
The fake food display at Mall..
Me with Eu Jen
Me with Eu WenThe four of us.... winks :)The Girls with aunty and uncleall of us....our food....Out steamboat.. looks yummy right.. hahahha
At Eu Wen Office Building...the night view from Eu Wen Office... nice view ...

Day 2 - Uncle office at Sydney Water building, shopping, Vietnamese lunch
Sydeney Water office
The place where uncle's workThis is how the whole office looks like..
We had a cup of coffee/tea before we go..Function room..
Outside view around Sydney Water Office

Vietnamese Lunch.. Beef Noodle

Gold Flake white dessert wine.. a real gold flake.. hehe..

Day 3 - Taronga Zoo ( suburb of Mosman ), Tamarama Beach, Korean Dinner
Beautiful peacock
Koala.... Sleeping koala bear
chak,... kangaroo..
giraffe and zebra in pairs... so cute..
sea lion show
cute pigglets

Tamarama Beach
Korean Dinner... weee..... Kimchi and also Ginseng Chicken

Day 4 - City Walk, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Chinese Dinner
Darling Harbour
Famous Opera HouseBoth Harbour Bridge & Opera House are in my hand..hiak hiak

Day 5 - Drive all the way to Snowy Mountain.. Snow
ball fight and enjoying the snow at Snowy Mountain. 2nd time playi
ng with snow... so happy... snow snow snow.. I love snow.. 1st time at Korea.. The most memorable and unforgettable moment.
. This time too... winks :)

drive early in the morning.. about 5am we start our journey... sun rise in Australia..on the way to blue mountain...
preparation before driving up the snow to avoid skid.. but end up we did not used it..
grab it.... hahahaha.. just like a normal ice

tasting the snow... yumyum.. wanna have some??
hahaa rolling on the snow.. weeeeee..... happy..
mini snow man... made by eu jen.. wearing my lovely green hat
snow fight!!!!!!! actually snow fight makes you feel very very tired.. haha

play play playSnow Mountain View... Whole mountain covered with snowwwwwww...

Day 6 - Canberra day tour - Old and New Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, Visited Royal Australian Mint, Embassy House.
The Parliament House
The War Memorial
The Royal Australian Mint - See how coins are made. See the production line
Our coins.. We need to pay to make our own gold coins 2011..
Malaysia Embassy
Top view from the Canberra Mountain