Monday, August 23, 2010

Another so called lucky day for me....
Guess what... my car windscreen broke this afternoon. It broke again at the same side where my windscreen was broke the last time by a theft.
I was shocked when my senior knock at my door telling me that something had happend to my car..
Is not a good thing again.. This time it broke in my own campus. I parked at my hostel car park and damn lucky day, it was broke by the grass cutter blade. Of all car, my car windscreen was the only one broke among all cars that parked beside me..
Anyway, thanks to my senior for telling me if not I think they wouldn't know whoose car is it. Luckily they are responsible too. They repair my windscreen on the spot or else i do not know how long will it takes for them to settle it.
Got a few scratches inside my car plastic handle. The carpentar somehow scratchit while fixing my windscreen. too bad no choice..
Can go buy lottery d. My sister told me that why am I always so happening.. always got such a happening story.. haha..

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Updating my blog ..
one word describe everything.. LAZY..
yes, I am lazy to update my blog.. and I think that nothing much happening things around me recently. Ming keep asking me to update my blog.. ok, I am updating.. haha
This coming week will be the 5th week of my 5th semester in USM.. Times fly really fast..
Is just like i just came back yesterday...
All those assignments, lab and test are waiting for me every week.
Going to get busy these few weeks befor my raya break.
Last friday I just went to my senior convocation at main campus. At 1st i did not plan to go but somehow I went at last since the weather was good..Congratulations to all my senior who had graduated this year. Even to my SGGS seniors too..
Hope that they will have a great commencement day with their friends and family too..Next 2 years will be my turn to graduate.. scary right.. haha
oh yeah, this week SP and ming came bck.. but too bad I couldn't meet ming cause she was busy with her uni friends.. I manage to catch up with Siaw Ping for half an hour only. She was busy too.. hehe SP you getting thinner d... good :)
i will update my blog later ... to be continue..