Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jolyn, Hui Ting, Me & Chia Ming at Queensbay rooftop carpark

2nd shot of us.. at queensbay mall seaside

PC Fair 2008
Last Sunday i went to PC Fair with chiaming, jolyn and huiting. The main reason i went there is to buy a new camera. I had lost my sister digital camera last year at Thailand. So, now i have to buy a new digital camera because we are going to use it soon. At 1st i was so headache on choosing which camera should i buy and which brand should i buy. Some of my friends says that this brand is good and that brand is not so good quality... It makes me feel so headache. Canon better, Olympus better, casio better or Sony better??? After thinking and walking around pisa end up i decided to buy Olympus camera. Back to the same brand that i use all this while. Use back same brand camera easier.. One funny thing happens to me today. It was so stupid and maybe my friends will laugh at me if they hear that. lolz.. I have not been fall down since long time ago. Unfortunately, today when I have my lunch with my friends at Genting, I did something damm funny and paiseh.. I fell down when i was talking with huiting. It was like suddenly. I think it is because i keep talking with my friends and didn't concentrate while on my steps. I just fell down and my leg gets some scratches. It was so pain and it bleeds. I have never had this feeling of pain for so long. The worst thing is i fell in front of a car and i was wearing skirt at that time. So sia sui.. lolz.. After i bought my camera at PC Fair, i went to queensbay mall with my friends for window shopping since we are very free and nothing to do. Since i just bought a new camera we decided to take a few pictures of ourselves by using a mini tripod. We try using the mini tripod to take our own pictures. We took pictures at queensbay mall rooftop carpark and also at the seaside. We were like tourist taking pictures here and there..

OUCH!!!! My Left leg injuries

Me left leg injuries