Thursday, August 23, 2012

B Braun vs Philips Lumileds..

It is not easy to choose. When there is not even a job offer to me I complain, when there is job offer for me, I headache. Is not like I would like to boast around with what I got.
Making the right decision without regretting is king of difficult in my life.
Both are good MNC company and have its own benefits and privilege. One medical and another one LED.
One from Germany and the other one from Holland.
At first I was eagerly wanted to work in B Braun, but after Philips offer me a position with a higher pay, my heart start to move. 
This is what people usually said, girls heart are easily moved by one thing. Undecided feeling due to my first permanent job. 
I wished I can work in both company and experience the different then only I decide which company should I choose. Dilemma.... huhhhh....
Now I trust what my sister said. It is worth for you to wait longer for a good opportunity to come. But when the good opportunity comes, it will make you undecided and difficult to choose. 
Good luck to my friends who are still searching for the right job :)

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shocked morning.
Yesterday came back late around 2.30am and then sleep.
Somehow I am barely sleep at that time. Rolling and rolling.
When I managed to sleep, I was woke up by my mum out of the sudden saying that my grandma fell down. I quickly rush to see her and get her up.
Maybe we are too concern about her, when she get up she couldn't walk properly and all of the sudden we thought that she had fracture her leg. Damn worry man.
From the way she walk and everything. It is not the 1st time she fell.
Mind you, it is very dangerous and scary when you heard that old people fell. Their bones are very fragile at their age and anything will easily go wrong once they fell or knock into something.
Luckily my doctor uncle drop by to see and clarify that she was actually fine without any fracture at any part of her body. Huhhh
Such a relieve..
Old people is always so stubborn. They won't listen to what you say and they always thinks that they are doing the right thing at right time nor right place.
Just hope that my grandma can grow stronger and live longer as she can.. Must do things more careful and take care. :)

Miraku- G Hotel Japanese Restaurant

Had dinner with chia ming and juin at our new place, Miraku Japanese Restaurant at G Hotel... As usual missing the busy girl, Jane.
A very nice restaurant with nice original Japanese food. The owner and chef is original from Japan.
We tried the sushi set, the fish was fresh but the cawanmushi is not that good. Edo echi cawanmushi was better compared to Miraku.

 The sushi set. Looks nice yeah..
 I dunno what is this call. But they intro us to eat. It is the one of the baby fish. Smooth and nice.
 Salmon salad
 Unagi .. It was indeed nice
Salmon Onugiri

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Back In Action :)

I am back.
Back from my laziness for these few months.. Lazy in everything.. teehee..
I can't denied I am lazy especially when it comes to blog. At first I am excited in writing it, but after sometimes, sorry man.. Here comes the lazy girl.
Anyway, I will try to update it as often as I can from today onwards (If there are any updates la)
Guess what, I am officially graduated as a Polymer Engineer (BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (HONOURS).
I am satisfied with my final results even though I did not manage to get 1st class honour.. Everything pays with your commitment and effort. 2nd class upper its enough for this lazy girl. Hehe
Next, waiting for my official convocation day which schedule on either one of these days (19 sept - 23 sept 2012).. One month plus from today.. 
Studying and living in USM for these four years indeed had give me lots of memories, fun, craziness, friends, sadness and etc. Missing those days I had with my coursemates and friends in Uni.
Time passes fast. It's August now.
We had leave our uni for almost 2 months I guess. Everyone is starting with their own new path. 
New working life, working environment and people... To those who has start working, all the best for your future and work hard and to to those who still striving hard to find a suitable work like me, good luck and gambateh.
Recently, I cam back from Turkey with my dad and sister. It was wonderful and awesome trip. Thanks to daddy who work in MAS for the yearly free ticket. teehee... 
It was one of my great trip too. Even though it was summer time, we still enjoyed and came back in tanned :)
People around were very friendly and the island was fantastic. 
Hell yeah, we managed to swim at the Mediterranean Sea under the hot sun. It was cool and we love it.
Turkey : Most recommended place to go. It was a big country. 2 weeks was not enough for us to play around. Greece was awesome too but we managed to go to one of the island (Rhodes & Lindos). 
Earn more money and go next time ..
Pen off now. :0