Sunday, November 29, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009
This is my 1st time taking part in PBIM.. All these while i already plan to participate in this marathon but somehow for the past few years it clash with my final exam.
I joined the marathon together with wenshan,huimin, choonpau, renhaw, kheng chiew and weilee..
At 1st i am very scared to participate. Half marathon is equivalent to 21km running from queesbay mall to penang bridge then turn back from penang bridge to egate and lastly finish at queensbay mall..
Didn't train before the marathon. But luckily i manage to finish the half marathon..
We are actually suppose to finish the half marathon within 3 hours 30 minutes in order to get a medal.. Of cause i always aim for the medal and target not to run more than 3 hours.. hehe..
Overall it was a good experience.. running at the Penang Bridge early in the morning... love it... Might planning to run full marathon next year... but still considering.. 44km is like wow.... scary....promoting our medal.. hehe.. all of us got a medal..the medal that i got.. hehe.. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick.... Fever..
So tired and boring...
Sick since sunday night.. Got a high fever...
That night when i wanted to sleep I feel vey cold..
I even wear long pants and jacket.. covered up myself..
Luckily I only have one paper this week.. It was very long i havent had this high fever d...
Luckily i came back home.. mum keep taking care of me.. yesterday night suddenly feel very cold again.. Fever is back again.. scary.. try to sleep from yesterday till today so that i can sweat..
hope that my fever will recover soon... huh.... still have 2 papers to go.. havent study because of fever.. keep sleeping..need to recover by this few days..