Wednesday, March 21, 2007

After study like mad for a week, at last my exam ends. I have get my results too. It's not that good as i expect and not as good as my teacher expect. Luckilly i did not fail any subjects. Almost all the my teachers that teach my class came in and scold every one of us for our bad results. Because there are many people who fail some subject. all the teachers tired with us and do not know what to do with us. That is so sad to hear about that. Whatever it is,i must try very very hard and be more hardworking in my studies d or else i will regret.

The week after my exam i went to a trip to KL-Genting for 3 days and 2 nights. This trip is organized by my school traffic wardens. Since i am the president of the board, so i have to go to the trip too. There are not enough people to go. At last we manage to pull 30 people including teachers to go with us. Overall the trip is very tiring because we went there under a tour guide and everything was already planned properly. We have to rush abit because we only have a limited time over there. Luckilly things run smoothly in that 3 days and 2 nights. Actually, this was the only school trip that ever went with my friends ever since i study in my school and it will be the last trip that i am going to go with my fellow friends. Is kind of fun too.. We enjoy and have fun together especially in taking pictures. We took alot alot of funny and nice pictures during our trip.
Pictures of elora, mei ling, me, wen shan, cavina & chia ming.. frenz 4 life..

I did not buy much things during the trip. Most of the money i spent was on food and outdoor games at Genting Highlands.
I can't imagine that i played almost all the challenging outdoor games at Genting Highlands. Last time i was really really scared to sit the challenging ride like roller coaster or even the corkscrew. But this time, i sit most of it except for the space shot & flying coaster. I really realy don't dare to sit the space shot because i feel it is too high and i am scared to take the challenge. End up me and yi yin did not sit that. overall the trip can be say as cool..

For now, i will be busy for my school musical concert. Hope that on that day everything will run smoothly and the most importa
nt thing is to sell off all the tickets too..

Me & Chia Ming at KlCC with a cute bear

Its me & chia ming at the Petronas Sky Bridge

Chia Ming & me at eye on msia
Me & Annie at KLCC

Ms Wen Shan & Me Below : Yi Yin (my new friends from Union) & Me

Hiau Mei Ling & Me at the hotel...

Me at Genting Hotel.. Nice lightings

Me standing at the sky bridge..
Looks like woring girl right??? haha
love you gals... muakz...miss ya

Monday, March 19, 2007


above are the cast for Hana Kimi Taiwan Series..

Comparison between hana kimi manga & the series

Is been so long i did not update my blog. Stil got a few of my friends keep asking me to update my blog and told me that is kind of boring if i did not do so. Recently i have finish watching my new taiwan series Hana Kimi or known as Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. Is a very very nice movie. It took me 2 days to watch finish the whole series. Some of my friends always say that i am a crazy girl because i always watch a series within a few days only whereas they are not. What to do, watching series is my famous hobby.
Among all the cast in this series, Wu Zun is the most cute and handasome guy that i like. Eventhough some of my friends say that the way he act is so kayu abit but i still like him. Jiro is also another funny guy. Whatever movie that he act will definately involves his funny characteristic.
The main plot is about a girl named Rui Xi(Ashiya Mizuki) who wanted to see the boy named Zuo Ye Quan(Sano Izumi)(who she fell in love with when she made her journey to Japan,and saw his high jump performance).Rui Xi disguised herself into a boy and went to the Boy's High School which Quan is studying there.And she's staying in the same dormitory with Quan,but the 2nd day Quan discovered Rui Xi is a girl,but he didn't reveal the truth.Another person who knew Rui Xi is a girl is the school's doctor Mei Tian who is a gay..And a boy named Zhong Jin Xiu Yi(Nakatsu Shuuichi) fell in love with Rui Xi,who didn't know that Rui Xi is a girl and keep suspecting himself is a gay..(he's very funny haha..)