Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Dream High" Korean Drama

Latest korean drama that I am crazy & obsess.. going to end soon. Left one more episode .. 16 episodes all together...

The more I watch the more I am addicted to the drama.. haha... Nice show.. Nice dance and songs too.. love it..

There might be Part 2 ... Maybe.. haha.. worth watching it...

"Dream High" takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars. Six students at Kirin Art High School work to achieve their dreams of becoming stars.Students at an arts and entertainment school mature as they face incidents and struggles. This movie shows singing, dancing, and acting and also shows the true side of the entertainment industry.

This show inspire and encourage one to chase after their dream and don't give up.. hehe..

(Dream High) - from Dream High Dramas OST

I dream high 꿈을 꾸죠 힘들 때면 눈을 감고
I Dream High, i dream, when its hard i close my eyes
꿈이 이뤄지는 순간을 계속 떠올리며 일어나죠
While i imagine that moment i get up

두려움의 끝에서 오늘도 흔들리죠
I shake at the end of fear
떨어질까 날아오르지 못하는 어린 새처럼
Afraid of falling like a baby bird who cant fly up
자꾸 내가 있나 꿈이 이뤄질까
Can I do it, will my dream come true
내딛는 걸음 걸음 걸음이 다시 두려워질 때마다
one by one my walking goes when i get afraid
I Dream High
꿈을 꾸죠 힘들 때면 눈을감고
I Dream High, I dream, when im tired i close my eyes
꿈이 이뤄지는 순간을 계속 떠올리먀 일어나죠
I keep imagining that dream while i get up
I can fly high
나는 믿어요 언젠간 하늘 위로
I can fly high, i belive that i can go up in that sky
날개를 펴고 누구보다도 자유롭개 높이 날아오를 거예요
Open my wings, fly freely up more then anyone

넘어진 일으겨 용기가 필요하죠
I need courage that will stand the fallen me
먼지를 털고 다시 일어나 뛰어갈 용기가
I dust the dust, Courage that will stand me and jump once a again
다시 나를 믿고 나의 운명을 믿고
Belive in myself once more, Belive in my faith
모든 걸고 키보다 높은 벽을 뛰어넘을 거예요
Bet everything, and im going to jump a wall taller then me

I dream high
꿈을 꾸죠 힘들 때면 눈을 감고
I dream high, i dream, when im tired i close my eyes
꿈이 이뤄지는 순간을 계속 떠올리며 (다시) 일어나죠
Imagning that my dream will come true while i (again) get up
I can fly high
나는 믿어요 언졘건 하늘 위로
I can fly high i belive in that i will go up in that sky
날개를 펴고 누구보다도 자유롭게 높이 () 날아오를 거예요
Open my wings and (i'm) going to fly more freely than anyone has

Dream high a chance to fly high
Dream high a chance to fly high
아픔들은 이젠 모두다 bye bye
Bye bye to the hurts
하늘에 있는 별들처럼 높이 날아봐
Fly high like the stars in the sky
꿈들을 펼쳐 보는 거야 time for you to shine
Open your dreams, time for you to shine
이제부터 시작이야 gotta make em mine
Starting Now, gotta make em mine
손으로 이뤄가 미랠 두려워하지 인젠 힘껏 자신 있게 걸어가
Dont be afraid of the future in you hands, walk in confidance now
숙명이지 멈출 없는 운명이 지금
You can't stop destiney now
우리 눈앞에 펼쳐지지 이건 너를 위한 whole new fantasy
Whole new fantasy is open in front of your eyes
그러니 이제부터 여기 손을 잡아
So hold my hand now
우리의 목표는 지금부퍼 하나 꿈과 미래 포기하지 않아
Our stop is the same now, dont give up on your dreams
젊음 열정 여기 모두다 Dream High
When your young dream high everyone

I dream high
꿈을 꾸죠 힘들 때면 눈을 감고
I dream high, I dream, when im tired i close my eyes
꿈이 이뤄지는 순갈을 계속 떠올리며 일어나죠
Imagine the dream coming true while getting up
I can fly high
나는 믿어요 언젠간 하늘 위로
I can fly high, i belive that i can go up that sky
날개를 펴고 누구보다도 자유룹게 높이 날아오를 게예요
Open my wings and fly high freely then anyone else

Saturday, February 19, 2011

3 days 2 nights to ipoh, sungkai & tempurung cave..
Weekend trip to these places last weekend..
Tiring and enjoyable trip..
Having fun time and crazy time with my uni friends..
3 cars with 12 peoples going together.. the 2nd time i drive to ipoh.......
Ipoh - we hunt for nice food, dimsum and also went for paintball in a jungle..
Sungkai - Hot spring at sungkai. 1st time I went there and it is not near.. 1 hour journey from ipoh. Nice hot water.. even try 70 degrees water.. haha.. crazy
Tempurung cave - 1st time also. RM22 only for the full route. about 3 km long journey which took us about 3 hour plus to finish. Very dark inside if you did not bring along torch light. We couldn't try the most challenging last route due to not sufficient of water level. too bad so sad...
Oh yeah, this time we wore slipper in the cave. Damn slippery and it was also a wrong choice. Nearly fell down.. Even slide on the muddy road until my pants tear off a bit.. Luckily not as bad as chuting's pants. Tear nearly the whole thing. hehe

Friday, February 18, 2011

3rd day of CNY - we went for a photography session.
Celebrating 10 years of friendship.
Planned since long ago and at last we able to take this pictures.
We actually hired a photographer to take pictures for us.
Photographer : Daniel Yap & Jimmy his helper
Venue : St George's School ( the place where we 1st met everyone in 2001), pajamas shot at Paradise Hotel & beach shot at the beach.
Model : Hui Ping, Hui Ting, Siaw Ping, Chia Ming, Juin & Jane
2001 - 2011, 10 years of friendship. All sweet memories, sad moment, crazy time, funny things and etc we had gone thorough together for this 10 years.. We really missed it and love it...
Oh yeah we managed to find our school uniform.. that was a great one..
We really enjoyed the photo session and we act naturally too. I think the photographer thought that we were damn crazy.. Luckily he managed to take nice pictures of us..
Actually this time missing angelyn in this pictures. She is currently studying at Canada, she couldn't come back on that day. We do miss her.. waiting for her to come back this mid year.
We hope our friendship will remain forever and ever until we die. Stay that crazy and that close too..
haha.. remember our "ku po hse" .. haha
Pictures worth a thousand of words