Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Working Life..
2 weeks had passed. 
I have been working for 2 weeks in Philip Lumileds as Process Engineer in singulation and assembly process team which covers wire bonding, die attach, dicing /sawing of die & wafer, visual inspection , AllnGaP..
I am in charge of dicing/sawing of die & wafer, mounting, bar code reader.
I can still remember how blur, shy, and scared I was during my 1st day of work. I managed to know a few new friends who came for their 1st day at the same day as me. 
Philips Lumileds is a good company with flexi hour of working hours as long as you adjust your own 8 hours of working time. Oh yeah, on Friday we can go back at 3pm once we settle all our task/work.
Every week I will definitely wait for Friday to come. As long as I am able to go back before 5pm , I can still avoid the crazy jam on my way home.
Now, I am still in learning progress and I hope everything will go smoothly. A lot of things and system regarding the company that need to learn. Working in big company is not as easy as I thought .. hehe.. there is a challenge in it but I like it. :0. This is life.. 
My engineer is a busy man who always need to handle a lot of stuff which he do not have much time to teach me and guide me. Anyway, he is a very good and patient engineer. I can said that I am quite lucky to be under him. :)
Happening september is coming soon. This coming weekend will be my convocation (meeting all my uni friends),my best friend ROM and another wedding. The following week will be my mooncake festival day, my birthday and also my best friend wedding which I can't wait .. Crazy around with a bunch of crazy friends during wedding.. :)