Monday, March 28, 2011

oh ya.. random pics.. took during our polymerian bbq trip to Batu Hampar.. nice waterfall.. POLYMER 3rd YEAR ROCKZ!! happy family..

Blog oh Blog... wuhhoo...Finish all presentation ...
Left one or two uncertain test ,lab test and assignment before the study week begins...
Scary... Going to sit for my finals soon..
Oh yeah... At last i manage to get a place for my internship in Penang.. Happy die me...
Sorry but i have to reject SAM (RM500) and also Harvik Rubber (RM300)... Going to work at Straits Orthopedic at Teluk Kumbar, Penang..
The pay is also not bad.. RM400.. At least can cover up my petrol fees... Need about 1 hour drive from my house i think.. hopefully....
Same company with ah liang, winnie ... yizong applying.. might same also.. meiling got the offer but I am not sure is she going to take the offer.. if yes then we go lunch partner d.. haha..
No need to think of internship anymore..
Last saturday went to Penang with my coursemates..
Went for charity walk at youth park.. walk for 4km under heavy rain with umbrella.. what a lucky charity walk day..
Went for breakfast at MCD at about 4am plus.. so early right ??just for the special breakfast offer.. overall we really went out for almost 20 hours.. hehe
Oh yeah, it was my 1st time went for the bean bag cinema for a movie at TGV cineplex at 1st Avenue.. It is a couple seat. You must purchase for a set which cost you R
M26 for a couple. RM13 each. It is very comfortable to seat but I think it will very hard for those who wanted to see the subtitle. Its is quite low but you can relax to enjoy you show.. haha..
One thing they should provide us blanket. It is very cold at our leg..
Like my roommate said , next time go for a movie on the bean bag with your bf to enjoy and relax .. suit for dating purposes.. haha
MCD big breakfast.. Purchase anything more then RM5 you will get 2 free set of Big breakfast.. from 4am -11am..
here we conquer youth park , botanical garden and also 1st Avenue.. LOIS~~~
the bean bag..

Friday, March 18, 2011

My 1st Interview..
Just came back from an interview not long ago.
It was my 1st internship interview.. Never thought of going for a interview for an internship.
What to do, I haven't get a right internship place..
I know that most of my friends in my uni have found their own industrial training attachment.
I knew that I am a last minute girl. I did call some of the company like Osram, Agilent, Jabil, Cape, BBraun and other company in Penang but sorry to say I did not get any good feedback from them.
I knew that I should be nervous at this time but I still trust that anyhow I can get a place for my internship soon.. hahaha... Must think positive right.. haha
Even butterworth i really don't mind if the pay is enough to cover my petrol and tol. Butterworth company is always that stingy .. keke
Actually I could say that most of polymer based company is situated in Prai area..
Today I went to SAM Engineering & Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd (formally know as LKT Industrial Bhd) for an interview. They called me for an interview. Seriously I was shock when they call me..
I just simply apply a few company and I thought the course I am taking is not related at all..
Whatever just go for an interview experience.. hehe
Hell yeah I manage to reach right on time at 6.30pm.. It was raining and jam .. I nearly lost in the industrial area.. complicated road with too many factory..Luckily it took me 30 minutes to arrive but too bad the person in charge was late..
Mr Eric Ng was a very good and kind person. He actually suggested another plastic based company at prai for me. He thinks that I should hunt for other more polymer related company. If I do not mind and willing to work at SAM then he will arrange for me. That will be my last choice I think because this company is actually a metal based company. A very big company where he will hire me as a QA engineer with quite high pay.
His advice was true... He was friendly .. He ask me to choose a right choice where I can work happily and able to learn plus use my knowledge on the work..
He will intro me a company and see how it goes then.. haha... wait and see how or else last choice if i can get AMD or else SAM or else see how la...
Oh yeah, chiaming will be going to KL soon..
SUPER JUNIOR is coming to KL tomorrow.. and ming will be going to watch 10 of them... Jealous but happy for her.. Hope she will get a good view and manage to take more pictures...
Wear a high heels if you scared you cant see.. hahaha... enjoy with 10 handsome guy..keke.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Title...
Things go complicated..
Somehow i feel like blogging but somehow i feel it is difficult for me to start writing it.
It seems like many things happening around...Every small little thing can cause a person to get explode or even fed up..
Earthquake, disaster, tsunami, friends, everything is occurring without a single signal or thought.
All this can makes one realised that how important and fragile our life is..
How important friends and relatives around you..
Appreciate and cherish every moment that we have is the most important in our life. But sadly not all people know how to appreciate and cherish this moment. Never thought of what is happening and still being so harsh to its life and other people.
Never thought of what other people feel.
I agree with what one of my friend said that a simple hug, a smile, a wink and making small talks can lifts us up when we're down...
But not all people can do these simple things in their life. Some people will not satisfy with their lives and even friends around them..
Friends usually come and go.. I am sure that everyone of us will meet different kind of friends/people in different kind of situation and places.
It is hard to meet friends with the same attitude and same thinking with you right?? Everything must be flexible and can be adjust right...
I do not understand why there is such kind of person who always thought that he/she is right all the time.
Sometimes I even reflect am I too good to friends or am I a soft hearted person or am I the bad person.. But somehow the answer never seem right to me..
If I am wrong then I can admit it but too bad I am not.. Everyone of us have their own limit. Have you ever reflect on your attitude or you personality? I was wondering..
Reality sometimes are just so hurtful.. just too harsh and at times people would just run away from reality... Life is not about perfection.. Life always don't go like what we wanted.. Everyone should know that life is always that unfair .. But what to do , just accept the fact and go on with your life and just change to a better person..
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Ok , finish my crap...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The end of Arabian Night!!
the inner decoration
my event leader , yasmin and me as assistant..

"Arabian Night", the theme for our Polymer Grand Night 2011 this year.
Venue : Pearl View Hotel , Butterworth
All 3rd year polymer students are suppose to in charge of the night every year. This year is our turn to handle it.
Choosing arabian night as our theme was just a special and unique choice. At 1st we thought that we will choose the wrong theme but end up the outcome was not bad. hehe
A week before the night, we had a bowling competition among polymerians from 1st year - master/phd at Pacific. It was a random and fun event even though not much students were involved. I think most of them had a great time playing and fooling around themselves..
Anyhow my group - justin, me yizong & chui didnt win for the game.. (we did not play just to win but for the sake of fun of it since we are the organizer).. kekekeke
Have been busy for the few weeks before night finding for sponsorship, preparing all stuff for the night and also planing plus practicing for performance.
This year, we 3rd Year perform a band performance and also a dance performance .
This time I do not need to plan. Justin plan it all.. It is pro now.. After 1st time dancing during material night.. kekeke...
I think this time will be also our last dance practice or performance on stage for USM stuff..
Next year we will be senior (4th year d).. we shall sit relax and watch what our junior will do.. hehehe.. At least we manage to dance for both nights this year.. Cool!!
Dancing is fun but tiring when you need to practice and make it synchronize..
Malay dancer
our dance.. yeng right??
Its Too Late, Right Now! Right Now!!
Happy and relief after finish the whole thing..
The preparation time was really short and pack. Me and Yasmin really scared the whole event will be dull or boring. Luckily it end well and we had a good feedback from the seniors and juniors..
Before that some of our juniors and seniors give us some problem in paying and going for the night but luckily everything was fine then...
Seniors and juniors told us that the night was great and full with activities compared to last t
ime. The only thing was bad was the food. They think that the food was not that enough and okok only.. :)... That one I have no comment on it because on that night I do not have time to eat also.. :)
Luckily all malays and chinese in my year can cooperate well and get well together. Love you all and thanks for all the help and time that alll of you gave for the night. Some maybe very busy that night , some maybe busy before the night , this and that... Thank a lot and I really had a crazy and fun time working with all of you... Arabianized was indeed Great & Amazing!!!
Keep it up... I think we might have bbq session after this.. wee.. wee... weee....
here we are.... as a polymerian...
we invited arabian guest to our dinner... scary right... all big size one..
3rd year polymerian!! love you all..
my usm family picture.. happy family
pretty girls in action... i like her kebaya.. both master.. evon and jomay
peace.. love is in the air..
I am having bad cough right now.. Damn it..
Before CNY i already had a cough , sore throat , flu.. Everything comes in a set..
Just like these time. I started with sore throat then throat irritate and then cough...
The only thing I hat is cough.. This time it getting worst. I couldn't sleep at night until around 4am for about 2 nights..
Especially at night I will cough even worst.. what to do poor antibody.. sobsob...
Hate my body.. Almost every year I sure sick for once.. ish..
Luckily my thailand trip with uni friends and lecturers is on the next 2 weeks or else i going to cough die .. keke..

Friday, March 04, 2011

My New Bangle...
Big thanks to Quah Juin for this special present..
Early birthday present for me and some of us...
A unique stainless steel bangle from Baush K...
Words cant describe how grateful am I to have this kind of friend..
Kamsahamnida sooooooo muchy... I will wear it everyday and treasure it like I treasure you as my friend.. Muakz....