Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Leng Lui Grandma...
Today is my grandma chinese birthday.. Her english birthday falls on this coming 27th February 2010. We usually celebrate her chinese birthday..
Luckily tomorrow is holiday so I manage to come back to celebrate with her.
Bought her a lovely cake and she is happy and love it.. Had a dinner with her too.
Hope that all her birthday wish comes true and she stay forever young, strong and sweet...

Monday, February 22, 2010

My beloved sister & me.. we look so alike..happy family - daddy, mummy. ama , sister & me
Back to campus.. just finish my 1 week of CNy break..
It was a fast and quick break..
This year i had a great and enjoyable CNY with my family members, relative and also with all my beloved friends.. Gathering with our relatives and friends.. as usual for a CNY event..
Luckily, I manage to recover from my long cough.. keke..
CNY cookies, wine, food, drinks and so on... keep eating everyday till every night..
Went out almost everyday with friends/my family...
Now , come back to uni must start rushing on my assignments and homework.. Do not have time to touch anything during my break... no mood for that.. too bad.. kekeThe worst thing is my face.. Somehow i do not know what happened to my face.. Out of sudden my pimples pop out a lot.. really al ot.. and everyone was like asking me what happened to your face.. and sorry i really do not know what happened and is a sad thing that it keep popping out during CNY.. i was like wtf... stop asking me that question as i do not know what is the main reason.. maybe is the weather or due to food or i dunnooooo....

another shot.. see how happy is my daddy after drinking his guiness

i really like this pic alot.. all the yap's cousin sister and our er sau (with red top)
huiying, lerk hui. tracy, huiping & huiern

Saturday, February 06, 2010

CNY coing soon..
School holiday coming soon too.. what makes people so lazy and bored at this time????
Of cause all those assignment and test that are going on the week before our CNY break..
Everyone is waiting for the best day to come.. no mood to think of our studies or even test..
Quite lazy to study for test and so lazy to do assignment..
What is worst is to get sick during CNY. Currently i am having a cough...
Sick since last week. Hope that my cough will recover soon as CNY is drawing nearer..
all the food is waiting for me to eatttt....CNY cookies, bak kua, bak hu and what so ever food ....
A few of my friends are also sick.. hope all of your can quickly recover too..
As usual friends and family members will be coming back and there will be more and more gatherings coming up ... wuhoo.....
Sista will be back!!! this thursday.. .. waiting for u to come back to decorate the house and do all the house work to.. (hehehehe....) then I shall sit down and order you to do this and that..
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my beloved friends.. hope all of you have a great tiger year ... and get more ang pow... winks:)

some pics took during material night 2010.. lazy to blog d.. pics worth a thousand of words