Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Week In Gold Coast - Australia 2009 (Part 2)
16 June 2009
Uncle Ong & Auntie Libbie bring us to Mount Tamborine. All the way up to the highest top of the hill. Along the way you can see many trees around, cottage houses and etc..
It looks as if we are at New Zealand rather than Australia.. Countryside of Australia..
Really a nice and relaxing place to go with all the natur
es around.
We went to Thunderbird Park where we were allowed to dig th
e thunderbird egg which looks like a rock.. But end up me and my sister didn't dig it we just have a look.. hehe..
If you are lucky you can dig some crystal inside....

We had our lovely lunch at the cafe too..
After that we went to Jupiters Casino..
Guess what it was the 1st time in my life i entered casino.. I thought i must wait until i reach 21 years old. Luckily in Australia, after you reached 18 years old, you can go in casino... wuhoo..
I even took some pictures (actually you are not allow to do so).. hehe.

They even check my sister and my identity card before they allowed us to go in.. damm funny.. even my sister.. they thought that we are still young. (that is good)..
Good experience right?? hehe..

At night we went to uncle's hotel for dinner at the Turtle Sands Paradise...Top View from our apartment
One of the machine...

17 June 2009

As usual we had our breakfast at our apartment itself.. preparing breakfast for daddy and mummy... After that we move to our next destination. To the Seaworld.. The 2nd world that we are going to after Movie World... What we can see there??? Of cause all the sea creatures like dolphin, sharks, seagull, fishes and etc.. We do went for a few shows like Dolphin show, the sea lion show, water jet ski show and even the sesame street show...
My sister and I played the Jet Rescue ride.. it was like
wow.... it was a fast ride... something like roller coaster..
Meeting the big gigantic sharks, and other weird fishes .. even the huge polar bear living alone...Welcome to Sea WorldSesame Street showTop view from the monorailStar fish.. i touched that beforeDolphin show. can you see the dolphin??
Late evening, uncle drives us around surfers paradise for night view.. It was damm cold and windy that night. We went to a place called Minus 5 Ice Lounge. It is a famous so called ice bar..
Everything inside the lounge is made by ice.. The table, c
hair, the whole thing is made by ice...
It was the 1st time all of us went in to this place. Inside it was only -5 degree... Imagine how cold is it to stay inside.. When we came out, our hands were purple in colour.. too cold..
Quite an intresting place to go.. hehe..
Next we had our lovely dinner at Hog's Breath- with steak, and other western food..Night view at surfers paradiseMinus 5 Ice Lounge that i mentionInside view of the loungeWelcome to Hogs Breath Cafe...

18 June 2009
Today was the day for us to relax at our apartment and do some shopping around our place (coolongatta) where uncle used to call collongatai... haha...
On the afternoon, uncle came to our apartment and so we planned to go down to the gold coast beach.. Since we are at gold coast, the place famous with its beach, so we must somehow get ourself into the beach once eventhough it was so windy and cold..
Uncle dares me and my sister to go into the beach which
was 20.7 degree cold..
No one was in the beach swimming or playing at that time.. but there were 3 crazy people which was me, my sister and uncle Ong playing and swimming at the bea
It was so cold once you get up from the water.. it was too windy.. and we have to walk back to our apartment with our towel (10 mins walk)... crazy man...

After that we directly went to the top floor of my our apartment for spa... the water was so warm and nice....
At night we had Itallian dinner at Fisherman's Cove.. the food was nice.. yum yum..Lonely seagull ...can you read the board..??? 20.5 degree...we are freezing... just came out from the water

19 June 2009
Packed all our stuff and clean up everthing before we check out from the apartment..
Next destination before we flew back to Penang at night is to Brisbane town. About 2 hours drive from our place to Brisbane town. Most of the building at Brisbane town are all high rise tower.. Somehow it looks like new york city to me..
We had our lunch there and we met Auntie Libbie aunty & uncle.. The last time we met them was like 9 years ago..

Then we went to Aunty Libbie another relatives house which was nearby Brisbane town. I met a wonderful lady there, Catherine.. She might coming over to Penang next year.. hehe
Overall this holiday trip was awesome..
We really so lucky and glad that Uncle Ong & Auntie Libbie came down and join us..
Thank you sososo much.. Miss ya and hope to see you all soon next year.. :)Brisbane Town

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Week In Gold Coast - Australia 2009 (Part 1)
I am back in action again....
Reached my home sweet home yesterday morning at about 11am after taking about 9 hours flight from Australia back to Penang.
I had been to Gold Coast, Australia for about 1 week since 12th June 2009.
It was really a wonderful and awesome trip I had together with my sister, daddy, mummy & last but not least my daddy's beloved friend Uncle Ong and his
wife Auntie Libbie...
We were very glad and happy that they came all the way from Cairns, Australia to Gold Coast just to bring us around.
Mummy really got a big shock & surprise when she arrived at the arrival hall at Brisbane airport. She didn't know that uncle and auntie will be coming over to meet us..(and yes we made it to the last).. hehe..
Uncle Ong is my daddy best friend since young who migrated to Australia very long ago. He is really the best among the best friend my daddy had in Australia and vice verse..
I still remember the last time we went to his house was like 12 years ago when i was in standard 3 (year 1997).. We had a wonderful Christmas at his house at Cairns, Australia together with his whole family..
The last time we met was 9 years ago when they came to Penang for a holiday.. Time really fies fast right??? At times it feels like we have been here for awhile

12 June 2009
Reached Brisbane International Airport at night around 10 pm. Uncle Ong & Auntie Libbie were waiting for us at the arrival hall..Mummy get a big surprise once she walked out... hehe.. Drive all the way up to Coolongatta road where our apartment is.. (it tooks about 1 hour 30 min to reached there from the airport)

13 June 2009
We had our breakfast at Pancake in Paradise. There we had great pancakes and crepes with a great sea view and flying seagulls around- feels perfectly great with the family and the Ong's company!! After breakfast uncle drives us around gold coast beach, the boaders between New South Wales & Queensland.. I stepped to New South Wales for few minutes... hehe.. Feell the fresh air during these windy day..
We even went for food shooping and also BWS shooping (BWS - beer, wine & spirit)... Me and my sister cooked our 1st dinner at our apartment.. Having chicken, omelette , rice & so on..
Oh ya we even went down to the games room to play the games. It was the 1st time my mom n dad played pool.. Damm cute... we laugh like mad.. mummy enjoys playing ping pong with uncle and auntie...Auntie Libbie & uncle Ong... At gold coast beach... see how clean and nicethe boarder.. between NSW & Queenslandcan you see the surfers in action???sadly i cant surf at that time...BWS shop
14 June 2009
me & lovely Jessica
We had our morning breakfast at our apartment and then we moved to our next destination. Pacific Fair where we went. It is Gold Coast Biggest & Oldest Shopping Mall.. We had a morning walk in the mall and bought some Darell Lee chocolates back home... Uncle and Auntie took us to their best best friend house for a lunch. There we met Uncle Darren, Auntie Toni and their two children Samuel & Jessica .Uncle Darren was Uncle Ong ex boss too.. They leave in a water front at Champagne Boulevard. They do own their own boat .. The place where they live is where all the upper class people stayed too.. You can see and fell how these rich people enjoy their life...Uncle Darren & Auntie Toni cooked a wonderful lunch for us with steak, wine, desserts, salads and so on... yum yum... Uncle Darren even took us around the sea using his boat.. That was really nice of him.... Looking around big houses, people fishing, kangaroo around and also feeling the fresh air... At night we bought some mexican food to our apartment.

On this very night, Uncle Ong shared some stories about his life, some kind of success stories I find a little kind of familiar that I have heard before from some sharing by successful entrepreneur all around.see how lucky is these dog.. BellaPic taken when we go around on boat.... waterfront housessee how clear is the sky compare to malaysia...see how big is the house.. look like a castle right???here we are back from our lovely tripnight view from my apartment

15 June 2009the stunt hollywood stunt druver show...
Okay where did I went on that day... Movie World!!!! Movie World - Hollywood on the Gold Coast. All together there are four big world for us to visit but we only went for 2 world because we bought a 2 world package price.. There are Movie World, Sea World, Dream World and Wet & Wild World.. Movie World indeed very similar to Universal Studios in Hollywood, LA. Compare to Universal Studios of cause Movie World not that best but at least something.. hehe..
Warner Bros.Movie World is the only place where you ca
n lost in a world of fantasy and fun. Meeting favourite stars and DC super heroes like batman, loonet tunes and so on.
We went for Hollywood stunt driver show, Shrek 4D adventure show, Looney Tunes show, watching Star Parade and last but not least we took the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster.Scooby-doo spooky coaster.. outside view..the roller coaster that i am chicken out.. hehebatman in return.. haha
I am a bit chicken out to play those super duper fast and scary roller coaster... hehe...
So, I didnt played all the rides.. me & my sister really nearly make our mom get heart attack by taking the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. This is because we never expect it to be so 'amazing".. hehe.. with all the laser lighting and spund effect and going down backwards from the top.. they are.. star parade.. - tweety bird & bugs bunny cardonald duck in actionslvester carScooby -doo family.. hehe
We had our lovely dinner at Uncle Darren's house again.. Uncle Ong & uncle Darren went fishing on the afternoon and they caught 10 big snapper fish.. wow, we were very lucky to eat this fresh and delicious fish caught by them.. the ladies and girls prepared the dinner together at that night..the snapper fish.. fresh fish from the sea.

P/s : to be continued..