Tuesday, February 20, 2007


GONG XI FA CHAI TO EVERYONE!!!! The best day that I have been waiting for have arrived. At last I can wear all my Chinese clothes out and eat all sorts of Chinese New Year cookies. Yummy yummy.. This year is the pig year in Chinese calendar. All little cute pig babies will born in this year. From statistic that I heard, there are many male pig this year compare to other Chinese animals in Chinese calendar. That will be cute.. haha..
New year is one of the day that I can get many many money through ang pow that I get from the 1st day of CNY till the 15th day Of CNY. My mom always says that CNY is a day for the teenagers like us but not for them because the more we get ang pow the more money my mom will be wasting. Haha.. this is call exchanging mar.. Everyone also happy and can meet each other once a year and talk. Play fire crackers, playing and fooling around with relatives.
This year my sister came back quit late. She came back on the day before CNY at 9.30pm by the time she at home. What to do, busy people like her need to do this and do that 1st before she can came back and enjoy CNY. She did not bought many clothes this year but for me I bought a lot a lot of clothes and dresses.. I enjoy shopping a lot this year with my friends and my mummy. Too bad, my sister couldn’t enjoy it this year. Haha.. I always tease her with this and make her jealous.. So sad that she going back so fast. Holiday till Thursday only.. Kesian…I will stop here 1st for now. Lazy to report d..hehe.. some pictures that I took during my CNY.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR AGAIN & ENJOY THE DAY WELL!!!!

Aren't we look the same.. My beloved papa & mama & ME!!

Me, My sister & 2 cute cousin sister at my grandma house
Is me and my beloved mummy.. love you..

Me and my chi mui at gurney.. Miss all of you... friends 4 Life..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gymnastic MSSPP
What is gymnastic mean to you? For me it is one of a intresting sports that i ever join since F1. Many people didn' know that i am a gymnas since F1 and they get shock when they heard about me going for competition. i begin to like this sports since i join it when i am F1 in my school. At 1st i am very scared that i cannot do this and that but at last i give it a try with a few of my friends. We joined for about 2 years and then we stopped it because we are lazy to stay back and other sort of reasons. Ever since i joined gymnastic, i feel that as if i can fly and i really can't imagine that i can do some of the stunt. haha..
During my early secondary school i didn't dare to join any competition or can say that i never get a chance to join any competition until last year and this year. After quit for a few years i at last joined the team back last year when i was in lower 6. Luckilly i still have a few of my friends with me playing around and learning gymnastic at this age.. We were enjoying most of the training with our beloved coach Mr Tan & Mr Pao who have teach us alot of things and stunt. They tolerate us alot too.. haha.. cu we are too naughty..lol.. Me, Fiona, Claudia, Yuen Nee & Doreen went to MSSM and MSSPP 2006 together at penang & kelantan. It was a memorable day and memorable event that we ever have all this time. eventhough we did not get anything during MSSM but we still happy that at least we try and we learn alot of things from our coach and also between each other. Memory before we left our f6 ..
This year a few of us still took part in MSSPP which will be our last last competition in our entire school life.The competition is knid of relax because we are only doing leveling like the others are doing. better than last year. Not many hard steps are inside the leveling competition.. The medal i won this year is also better than last year. Got improvement. . haha.. But is really beyond my expectation.. Congratulations to others who won the others medal too.. really miss all the days i have together with me fellow gymnas.. Will treasure all the memories and siauness we have in this 2 years....Muakz...........