Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Presenting you......
Clean-room Suit a.k.a Bunny Suit.....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wuhoo.. It's FRIDAY again....
The day that I have been waiting for.... Everyweek I will aim for the day....
This week keep doing testing testing , search for info, and go to CER (cleaning environment room) play.. hahaha wear bunny suit..
Really fat like bunny.. haha.. but nice play. cold cold... help them packaging.. do testing bit..
Today seem a relax day again. Listening to song using mp3, type report, write report, online.. hehehehe.... snake here and there...
Afternoon only do testing and key in some parameter data.... aim for 6pm.. ahhaha

Friday, May 20, 2011

know what am i doing??
chiak chua in hokkien, eat snake direct translation, curi tulang in malay....
working now.. waiting 1 more hour to go to off work...
this week learn how to stay boring in 8hours. Nothing much to do .. must remain busy eventhough very free so that my time can pass.... ( mind you, it is not an easy task).. huhhh
once the clock shows 1pm and 6pm I am freaking happy.. tik tok tik tok..
oh yeah just want to share something...since today is 20th May...
and today I just knew what is 520 means. But somehow I still couldn't get it. wu where got sounds like wo, er where got sounds like ai and even ling where got sounds like ni.
Maybe is a chinese tradition term that I don't get it.

5 = wu sounds like wo = I
2 = er sounds like ai = love
0 = ling sounds like ni = you
1314 = yi san yi si means forever

(haha... I found this from internet. someone quote it out).. kekeke

Friday, May 06, 2011

Beginning of Industrial Training at Straits Orthopaedic, Teluk Kumbar..

1st week of industrial training. Huh.. It is different than what I imagine of. Fun? Exciting? Interesting? Happy? … The only thing I can say about my 1st week of industrial training is BORING… haha.

I guess most of my friends agree with what I say. Maybe to some people who work in a bigger factory has a different situation than me. Some might enjoying it some are not. On the very 1st day as usual briefing, filling up forms, introduction to the company background this and that, dividing you to ur leader in charge, ice breaking and so on……

Come out with 10 weeks plan. Quite lucky that both of my leader come out with a 10 week schedule. At least I know what I should do . But somehow the schedule is a bit boring. Haha…

For the very 1st two week I will be in the cleaning department. See how they clean their orthopaedic parts, how they do laser marking, how they key in data and how they check on the quality. Haha.. they using the conrol chart (UCL , LCL) …

Somehow it is very difficult to pass the time over here at Straits Orthopaedic. At 1st my leader keep asking me to read this and that. Read on work instruction (WI) for about 2 days. Crazy man.. After exam still have to study.. Boring.. It takes about a few minute for me to look through. But the time he gave to me is like few hours.. Reading the same thing for dunno how many times. Sticking my bud on the chair for a few hours is BORING…

End up, I was given a mini task on solving the problems caused by laser marking on passivation cleaning using ciric acid. At least I can walk here and there ordering operator to do my testing.. haha..

Before that I do walk around to see on their process, clean and clean and clean nonstop. Laser marking on the parts. Boring time find the operator and chat. Haha..

Oh yeah, I even do paper work job. Printing some document, key in parameter data and etc. No internet connection on my laptop itself. I must use other people computer to do some research. Ok, maybe I cannot complain too much on my job. Maybe some people job I even worst than me. The only thing I can focused is doing testing on laser mark after citric passivation.

The only think I do after work is get some rest and SLEEP. Guess what, I sleep at almost 10 plus every night. Somehow I get very tired every night. Even I was fishing during working time. My eyes keep on closing. Even while I am typing some data, my eyes are somehow getting smaller and smaller. This week I think I fish a lot. Who wants some fish?? I donate them.. Big or Small also have. Arowana fish? Siakap fish? good fish ? Bad Fish?

I really need to drink coffee every morning to make me awake. I hope it works.. haha.

Driving every day to work at around 7am and back from work after 6pm is tired. 1 hour drive from my house to the factory or vice versa. Jam everyday, tried a few route to working place and at last I found a shorter way to work. Paya terubong hill way. Even though I must drive uphill and downhill but it saves a lot of time. Some people might say that it is a waste of petrol and dangerous but no choice. Plus minus it is still about the same petrol used. No need to get stuck with all the traffic lights. There is no traffic light along the Hill road. Many cars but still can move smoothly. Use about 45 minutes to reach to my factory or maybe less than that. So easy. If it rains, of cause I must go earlier. Teehee… I was late on my 2nd day of work. Raining cats and dogs. Late about 10 mins only.. I think not that bad.. haha

Oh yeah, my driving skill is getting better and better (as in getting scarier, advanced and dangerous I think, is like flying my car here and there)… Jam everywhere and I am like rushing to work and back to home. Cut que here and there, cut in wrong lane, this and that… you should know what I mean… haha.. Penang driver.. I think if anyone wanted to be a professional driver, they should work in Penang. I am sure they will act like me too. But I am a safe driver … hehe…

I guess that now my blog is like my weekly diary on my industrial training.

Somehow I wanted to keep it short, but the more I type the more things I want to say.. too bad… continue next week.. haha.. Internship is boring.. Now I understand why people said that industrial training is so boring and nothing to do.. Hwaiting .. Just finished 4 days. Counting down days.. 46 days to go..

Monday, May 02, 2011

The end of my 3rd Year...
29th May 2011 at 11am, official date and time
I finished my finals for this semester (6th Semester)..
The end of my 3rd Year students in USM Engineering
Campus at Nibong Tebal. What a fast time and day. Never thought I just finished my 3rd Year and going for Industrial Training soon. One more day to go for my 1st day of work. Scary right..
Time really pass fast. I am still satisfied with my current situation. I did spend my every hour, every minute and every second fully. No matter how I won't stay in my hostel all they long studying like nobody business. The only time I can start to concentrate on my studies was during my study week. I can't deny that and I can't de
ny my laziness..
Too bad this semester I had about 2 weeks of study week.
Am I lucky to have that long study week or not? I am not sure, but everything is over within a total of 4 weeks. Just like today. I am free.
Free like a bird..
Oh yeah, I just came back from Kedah trip. Attended Afiq (Polymer PHD student) wedding lunch at Yan, Kedah. Frankly speaking, we are not really that close to him but somehow we are too free we decided to attend his wedding and also indirectly tour around Sungai Petani plus Kedah area. Of course to my roommate (Loki Wong See Mei) house for the very first time..
The 1st time in 3 years.. haha.. One day crazy trip .. haha..
On friday we went for a lovely lunch and dinner which cost us around RM90 total per person.
We went for Japanese food for lunch at Sakae Sushi and at night we went for Korean food at Daorae BBQ Restaurant. Yum Yum.. we were freaking full.
Guess what, our bill was like RM400 plus plus for korean food. We was like wow.... luckily once a while.. haha... i love korean food.. hehehe.. yumyum..
This whole 3rd year, I really had a great time and moment with my fellow course mates and my gangs. We had a lot of crazy moment together. Doing all crazy things, going a lot of outings and more... too many things we did this whole 3rd year.. cool... hahaha
Holiday after finals is like only a few days . On 3rd May 2011 onwards - 7th July 2011, I will undergo 10 weeks of industrial training. Hope that everything will run smoothly. haha...
All the best for all my 3rd year friends. together we go through this 10 weeks.. Enjoy and hope we will have a great time.. teehee... :)