Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey gal, this post is dedicated to u.. I mean U...only YOU ..All for YOU....hehe
At last you reach 21 years old.... Lao yeee d...
Everytime keep saying yourself still young, still 20 years old.. haven't reach 21 yet..
Today is your day.. Your Big day... 27th October 1988 where our miss Oh Loo Wen was born at dunno what time.. keke..
May you have a great and blast one... Must be happy and enjoy on your big day at Perlis..
Please don't cry or what after reading my post ya nor angry cause i post you beutiful pictures here... hehe... winks:)
May all you birthday wish comes true and always stay happy all the times..
I know you are moody these days.. cheer up.. hope this will cheer u up.. keke
No matter what happen to you, we are always there for you...muakzzzzz....
Saeng-il Chukahae Hamida!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rexbox... lalalaalalalala.. camwhore...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It is so hot here..
The sun shines so bright.. shine directly into my house...
Last week when I am at Uni it keeps raining but these weekend it did not rain...
Undetermined weather..
At this time everyone is like studying hard for their coming test and finals..
I am still enjoying .. I had been watching videos this two days...
I am soso damn lazy to touch my book.. My final is coming soon.. in this few weeks time..
Keep loading videos from you tube too watch..
I still remember who makes me addicted to korean stuff...
Lulu & Jolyn.. These 2 gals that make me addicted and so into korean stuff since F6..
Hui Ting also after the 2 of them.. then we make chiaming addicted to them...
From TVXQ to Big Bang to Super Junior to SNSD to Wonder Girls and so on...
But the best is still TVXQ, Suju & SNSD... hehe
Keep watching their concert performance, variety show and so on..
All these shows are my source of entertainment in uni... it keeps me away from getting bored and make me laugh non stop.. keke
Sorry sorry sorry, neorago, genie tell me your wish, gee gee gee gee... haha.. lolz....
go eunhyuk, teukie, yunho, donghae, junsu, yuri, yoona, seohyun, soo young and lalala.....
Love all their dance steps too.. it is too cool... haha
P/s : ting i will get the vid from ju soon.. haha... thanks anyway... muakz...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ai Yin Wei Zai Xin Zhong (Love On My Mind)
At last i got all the full collection of lee Hom songs...
I think I have all of his collections from his 1st debut album until the latest one...
thanks to Justin...kamsamida... I am one of lee hom fans...talented singer
Last time i like this song, ai yin wei zai xin zhong ... It is a very nice and meaningful song... It had been very long since the last time i listened to this song... just for sharing...and i know it is an old song too....

Dang wo zheng kai shuang yan mei yi tian
Dou hui ji de da jia de xiao lian
Ming bai xin zhong yong gan you duo le yi dian

Ceng jing ku qi ye hui kan bu jian
Wei lai zong hui you bie de xi yue
Jiu rang shi jian fan kai zhan xin de yi ye

Ni de yin fu ni de lian
You zhong wu sheng de yu yan
Jiao wo bu tui suo yao jian chi zhu xin nian
Yong yin fu hua yi ge quan
Jing guo dou hui bei ji nian
Wo xiang ai yong yuan hui liu zai ni xin jian

# Mei ge ren dou yong you yi ge meng
Ji shi bi ci bu xiang tong
Neng gou yu ni fen xiang
Wu lun shi bai cheng gong dou hui gan dong ai
Yin wei zai xin zhong
Ping fan er bu ping yong
Shi jie jiu xiang mi gong
Que you rang wo men ci ke xiang feng Our Home

Shang xin shi ni hui gei wo xiao lian
Rang wo gan shou you ai de yuan dian
Kuai le di guo you feng you yu de sui yue
Shi wang he shang xin zai suo nan mian
Dou hui jing li man chang de yan han
Rang zhe yi qie zai wo men zin zhong chen dian

Yuan xuan lu xie zhang xin qian
Fang ru ni de xin li mian shou qian
Shou ji lu wo men ai de he xian
Yong yin fu hua yi ge quan jing guo dou hui bei ji nian
Wo xiang ai yong yuan hui liu zai ni xin jian

Repeat (x2)


Ai yin wei zai xin zhong
Ping fan er bu ping yong
Shi jie jiu xiang mi gong
Que you rang wo men ci ke xiang feng Our Home