Friday, November 24, 2006

It was the 1st time i really really try yoga. Miracle, at 1st i thought it will be hard and kind of boring but after the 1 and half hour class i feel it is nice and relaxing too.. Every part of my body feel relax and relieve. Thanz to ah ting who bring me there. Luckilly we have a free trying class form the ex georgion dinner. It was quite fun and intresting too.
All the while i thought that yoga is like meditating stuff like that but it wasn't that bad. haha..
It is kind of okay and easy abit for me because i have learned gymnastic before. So, my body is kind of flexible to arch here and there and turn here and there..
You guys out there should try yoga class. Just try out nia.. is no harm lor..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

L6S1 2006.. My beloved 2006 Class.. The sikko class...

At last the day has come. the day i have been waiting for a long long time, which is the HOLIDAY!!! the 1 and the hallf month holiday will definately be excited for every school students but of course not for the f5 & f6 lor.. SPM & STPM!! where it gonna be my turn next year.. so, i have to enjoy this year 1st before the death day of me next year..
this holiday, i will be watching dramas, going for holiday, on9ing & of cuz SHOPPING!!.. I already have no money d, but i still want to go for shopping.. i try to find some job to do but the job that i want already fired me.. so sad.. you know why they dun let me work?? because the boss lar, suddenly change the working place 2 butterworth side.. so sad.. i can;t make it..
Holiday, i must definately need money for this and that lor.. sumore wanna go genting n kl.. so have to korek money out d.. maybe will try robbing one day.. lolz...
b4 school me and my school friends have a photo session together. we were like as if going to apart this year.. we took many many weird and funny pictures as our remembrance of our L6 in school.. So, guys & gals out there.. ENJOY UR HOLIDAY YA!! & HAPPY HOLIDAY LOR..

All my beloved friends.. love you all..

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today i just came back from 2 in 1 birthday party at fiona's house. It were Fiona and Rachel birthday party. U know what i do during their party. A few of us were like small kids. Back to our school primary time. Playing ice man, snap, number game and some other stupid n funny games. Actually at 1st it was kind of bored but after all is find because we start to play games and joke around. It was really funny and stupid thing that we do.
Time really passes fast, as we play and play. There are only a few times for us to get everyone of us together to have fun and joke around. After this 2 years in school, all of us will walk our own way d and there will be no time for us to meet and get together. So, party and outing is very very fun you must appreciate it. haha.

Friday, November 03, 2006

yuen nee, chia ming, hui ting and me in traditional clothes

Friday, my school had organised second hari REMUP. Do you know what REMUP means?? Wondering leh.. it is just like hari kebudayaan where everyone in the school including teachers are compulsory to wear any traditional clothes. Wow, as i step in the school on that day I could see many beautiful ladies, beautiful dress n colourful dress everywhere. Everyone looks sososo different. Even some of them i couldn't recognise them. Either they are teachers or students.
All of them dress up as preety as they could. This hari REMUP is one of the big event in my school starting from this year and it is also one of the succesful event too. There are parties, performances and lots more.
Each class will bring their own tradional food and they will exchange food with each other too. I taste alot of different type and varities or food. Indian food, chinese food & malay food. Muruku, chinese cookies, cakes n lots more. If was sososo nice till i eat non stop. Anyway i didn't have much time eating and taking pictures around. You know why?? Because i am buzy with some of my friends tieing hair and make up for our wonderful fan dance performance.
We had practise the fan dance for only 4 days. It was just a short period for us to learn and master it. Huhh.. hard time man.. fan dance is not an easy dance to learn and the song is as long as 7 minutes.. Luckilly the fan dance ended up succesful and all the teachers & students like it very much too..

its chia ming, me and another cute mei ling be4 our fan dance. Our costume make us look like lau ee nia. Don't u think so??

another crazy pic of us before our dance. must relax 1st b4 the performance starts lor..

Suriani, mei ling, elora, claudia, me n chia ming in action

Besides fan dance, there are also other performances like drama, indian dance, boria, fashion show n lots more. The drama was performed by my own class. At 1st they want to cut down our sketch but because they scared there is no time to performed all ther performances. But at last they didn't do so. If they really cut down, we will be very upset becuase we already practise n planned for so long d. Every1 in the hall enjoyed our sketch. that was really really good and we are happy for that too. By the end of the day, everyone enjoyed it and have alot of fun too. I am now looking forward for the next Hari REMUP which is next year..
The last pictures that we can take before shool ends.
li ling, me,ting,ming,juin, yuen nee, suriani.ting dress is the most gaya wan