Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Last Day Of School 07
Sobsob… Today is my last day of school in St George’s Girl School. It will be my really really last day and last time I study in this school. I will never have any chance to sit in classroom and wear pinafore anymore except during my STPM EXAM which is going to starts on 19th November 2007 until 3rd December 2007. Most of my friends won’t be going to school after today. The actual day for us to leave school is actually tomorrow but somehow most of us took early holiday to study at home. It has been 7 years I have study in SMK (P) St George. I still can remember how I look like and how I funny am I during form 1 orientation day. In all this 7 years, I have a lot a lot of sweet and memorable memories in my school. I will surely miss all my friends and my school life in school after I finish my STPM exam. Time really fly fast. 7 years have been past in just a blink of eyes. Even though people always say that friends always come and go anytime but I still do not want to depart with all my beloved friends that I know all this while. It is very hard to get true friends. Everyone must know how to appreciate all your friends while you can. After another half years, most of my friends will all be at different places to study. Really sad to depart with them. I guess if next time if my friends going to sent me off somewhere is surely will cry out. Haihz… No choice..
I would like to thank all my friends for being a good & best buddy in my life. Without all of them my life won’t be so exciting & memorable. This year, my school has a lot of get together for all of the school leavers (F5 & U6). Graduation Night, Farewell, Majils Mohon Restu, Hari RIMUP, Camera Day & etc. This is the time for all of us to get together, to take a lot of pictures for memory, to siau siau together & more la..To all my classmates of U6S1, I would like to tell them that they are the best. My siau lala friends all this while: Mei Ling, Chia Ming, Wen Shan, Janice, Loo Wen, Wan Yin, Li Ling, Yuen Nee, Claudia, Sathia, Salinee, Pushpa & also Misriyah. Happy & glad to have a great classmates like them. Having a great time together. Even teachers always say that our class is the class where everyone always happy go lucky.. haha..
Not only them, the others too like :- Hui Ting, Elora, Phei Chuin, Melanie, Amanda, Cavina, Subba, Dharis, Jolyn,Fiona, Suriani & others…
Hope that we can always be together & still can go out together the next time..

Poor Dolphin.. My gang of frenz...

Here We are Again On the Poor Tortoise

My beloved Classmates... U6S1

During Majlis Mohon Restu... With Teachers.. at Vistana Hotel

Jolyn,Janice,Wen Shan,Me,Claudia
& Chia Ming

Me, Wen Shan & sad Mei Ling...

The 4 SGGS Super Heroins... Waakak... Chia Ming, Wen Shan, Me & Jolyn(trying 2 act cute pulak)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its 12.00midnight on the 28th september 2007... Boom... Happy Birthday Song that my buddhist gang sing for me at my house... I was so shocked. I didn't thought of someone will come to my house to sing birthday song for me.. Actually I was enjoying watching my korean series that night until daniel and wei keat came to my house telling me that they forgot to take their pen drive back home. When they say that they did not take their pendrive back, I was really wondering and keep thinking what are they actually trying to do. It seems weird cause their acting skills is bad.. haha..
Sumhow i feel happy becuase this is the 1st time my friends come to my house at 12midnight to give me a surprise. One thing more special is.... they did not bring a cake for me to blow but a small little cute mooncake (ang kung aga piah)... damm funny..
On th 29th morning, i went yam cha with my family members.. My sister came bcak for my birthday this year. She came back only for 3 days. I am very happy that she came back fro my birthday because i miss her so much and long time din play withe her d... On the afternoon, i followed my parents to the airport to drop my sister. She is going back to singapore again.. So sad that she went back so fast.. cannot chit chat with her d unless through internet nia.. she will be having exam on monday. that is why she have to go back on saurday afternoon or else she have no time to study..
On my brithday night, I went to AUTO CITY!!!!... It was my first time went & step in auto city.. It was a memorable night for me in auto city during my birthday. My buddhist gang bring me to auto city to celebrate my birthdya. I never thought that auto city is such a nice & beautiful place. Seriously, when i reached there i feel that i was like sua pa kau like that.. damm funny..
We went to Halo Cafe to eat. Halo cafe is really a nice place to eat..The environment is nice & romantic too.. There was also 3 handsome guys singing & playing instrument on the stage.. The cafe has their own theme which is some sort known as chinese theme... Their food & drinks were very special & relevant in price too.. When we reached there, there was also a birthday celbration for a small kid. The little kid born on the same day with me too.. I have a great day at Halo Cafe. Taking pictures with my friends & also the clown too.. haha..
At 1st my friends were planning to give me a surprise birthday celebration after we have our meal at the cafe, but somehow the surprise is the other way round from what they expected. Anyway, i still feel kamtung & happy. They bought a heart shape birthday cake from penang & ask the Halo cafe workers to do a surpise birthday for me.. The 3 singers went on stage & sing birthday song for me including the clown.. hehe.. (abit paiseh lar)...
After dinner we walk around auto city & we also took alot of picture. There was still hello kitty lantern display over there. We did not enter the lantern display because is king of expensive but we only took picture infront of the entrance..
I really have a great time on my birthday. Thank you everyone for your birthday wish & birthday present too.. I love you guys & girls so much...muakz..........

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Hiking Trip to 84..
It is my first time in my entire life hiking up to 84. Everytime I will hike up the hill near my house from the bottom until 39. All the while I keep thinking that hike up from 39 until 84 is a very though things and I also scared that I won’t have the strength to do so. Somehow today I agree with my parents to go hiking with them until 84. I have not doing any exercise since I had my appendix operation which is already more than two months ago. Hiking up Padang Tembak hill until 84 is my first exercise after my two months break. After all I feel that it is not that hard and difficult to hike up until 84. We actually took around one hour to hike up. It is kind of fast because we did not stop long in between. At last I get to hike till 84. I am kind of happy that I can make it. I even thought that I can faint or have no energy to continue hike till I reach 84. I guess next time I should bring my friends to hike up till 84 and then continue to either penang hill or botanical garden. I think it will be a good experience doing so as my parent’s had tried it before with their friends.
Countdown, one more day to go before my holiday ends. This month will be the hungry ghost month which means the 7th month in Chinese calendar. Many families will pray to their beloved one who had passed away at home. Besides that, there are many places having Chinese orchestra / singing performances (ko tai) in conjunction of the hungry ghost festival. Since it is the hungry ghost month, everyone is advised to take care of themselves and don’t simply say any wrong thing. That’s what Chinese belief…

Friday, August 24, 2007


What is holiday mean to you?? fun, excited, enjoy relax & enjoy... This one week holiday is not the fun & enjoy holiday that i going to have. It is like a one week break given to all of us especially those having their pmr, spm or stpm trial to revise or study. I can't really discipline myself studying at home the whole week. Is very boring looking the book. I wonder if any of my friend has finish their studies..
Time really passes fast nowadays. Two days more to go before my school starts again.. This few days i have been eating, sleeping, tuition,playing computer & also not forget watching dvds (which is my all time favourite). Sometimes when i wanted to start studying, i feel very lazy and i won't seat stil in front of my book unless i go to library to study, which i had do so for 2 days like that.. The only thing i pray heart is i can pass my trial with flying colours. hehe..

Picture taken at city baview... during student council farwel

ting, me & fiona..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pictures that i took during my school prom night 07
lulu, me & ah thia...
watch out... we the beautiful galz..

Phei Chuin & Me In Action

Me , Phei Chuin & Ah Ting With The teachers...

Tall & SexyElora & Me!!!.. I am so short.. sobsob

The sisters get together & Yi thying

Swee Yen & Me.. We wear the same colour dress too...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wow, it seems that i have not update my blog for a very very long time. What to do, my modem got struck by lightning for a few weeks until today it hasn't come back yet from my cousin brother house.. These days i have quite a bad luck. Modem get struck, lost something, & worst thing GET APENDIX... 13th JUNE 2007 was my unlucky day for me. For those who did not know anything, i get into hospital on that day and stayed for 3 days at Lam Wah Ee. It was my 1st time staying in hospital and get operate there too.. At first i thought it is only a normal stomach pain for me but sad to say when i go 2 to clinic the doctor already suspect that i have apendix and need to go to the hospital for check up.
When i heard that i was damm scard and the first thing i think of is oh shit, i cannot go to my school prom night which is another 1 week times.. my parents scold me crazy fella.. haha..
What to do, i have to think of my prom because it will be my last year with my school friends to get together beautifully at gurney hotel.. lol..
Anyway i want to thanks all my friends for concerning me when they know that i was in the hospital. Some even came and visit me. Thanks to my beloved hui fen, who spread to the whole world through msn too. . that was the funny thing that she did for me before she went back to kl.
Luckilly i manage to go to my schhol prom on 23th june at gurney hotel grand ballroom. It was the 1st year i attend school prom night. Last time when i was in F5, there is no prom night for us. We only had luncheon at E&O hotel and it is not as grand as prom night. Everyone was soso beautiful and elegance on that night. You can't imagine how beautifull all the girls during the night. Even some of them i can't recohnise who they are actually. Elora was one of the nominees of the belle of the night & best dressed while hui ting, fiona, elora claudia & others were the nominees for best dressed. I wore green tube dress on that night and guess what.. I wore the same dress with Swee Yen. Not only same dressed but same colour too. What a perfect day.. haha.. I thinks that i look like aunty like that on that nite. Maybe because of the make up..
The winner for the belle of the night was Rosa from form 5 who wear a long gold gown. She looks elegance and preety and sweet too. Fiona won best dress award on that night.. My table and me myself were not that lucky on that day becuase we did not win any lucky drwa prize..
the only thing i got on that day is the best monitor of f6 award. I was shocked. I thought that elora will get it.. Overall, the prom is great and it ended up good..

Sunday, May 13, 2007


What is mother's day mean to you and what you usually do during the day??
Mother's day is one of the special day which celebrate by all of us. It is a very important day for all mothers too. This is the day where you as a son or daughter who show your appreciation towards your mother. Mother has play an important role in one's life. Without them there will be no us living happily. Usually people will celebrate this day by going out to eat together or somthing else.
This year, mother's day has fall on the 13th May 2007. I have just celebrate my mother's day with my whole family including my sister who had just came back from singapore. It was a wonderful day we have together on the saturday. We celebrate earlier this year because there surely many people everywhere who will be going out to eat with their family on the real day.. It is really a memorable and happy day we have..
On this month there will be many things happening to me.. Mother's day, my garandma and father birthday & my cute cousin sister birthday too.. last but not least HOLIDAY & EXAM..
Exam coming soon, and i haven't prepare that much yet. Hope and pray hard that i will score this time. No failure.. Just can't wait for holiday to come.. yippeee....keke

~Picture of me and my beloved mama~

~Picture of my mum & my sis~

Its me and my beautiful lady grandma

Opz.. candid shot.. of cause its my beloved mummy & daddy

Again its my sweet grandma & my sis

Sunday, April 08, 2007

At last after our effort fro about 2 months, the day had arrived. SGGS Musical COncert 2007 which was held at Dewan Budaya USM yesterday for two shift. This concert was organized by our school Student Council & USM people. At first we thought that the tickets for the night session and afternoon session won't sell off till the day of the concert. We went to almost every school to promote our tickets but some of the students did not even want to entertain us or bother us. Some will come and make fun of our school concert and some says that it is very expensive because the tickets are sold for RM 20 per session and RM 10 for those below 12. But when the concert is coming nearer and nearer, many people approach us to buy tickets. SOme of them book their tickets earlier so that there is still tickets left for them. I can say that the tickets for the night session sold very fast until some of our school students and outsiders get dissapointed because no night tickets for them to go. Many people prefer to go to the night session. Luckilly there are still many people during the afternoon session. More than half of the hall was full during the afternoon session. Overall both session of the concert was cool. Everyone says that the concert was cool and rocks. RM 20 is worth it. The concert also run smoothly yesterday and all the audience including our teachers was shocked and enjoyed the concert very much. At last our hard work for 2 months worth it and ended up great. Phei Chuin, our stage manager really really work hard for this and she is the one who is responsible to run the whole thing smoothly. Without a great stage manager, there won't be a great concert like yesterday. I really really enjoyed yesterday night and was so happy after it ended. Hope that there will be a cool concert like this next time..

Mei Ling, Me, Chia Ming, Yu Jean & Sathia

The Senioritas Dancers... Sexy & sweet galzzz
Me & Ada Ho At the Back Stage.. B4 the 2nd session.. rest & relax 1st..
Wan Mei, Hui Ting, me, sze Wah & Li Ling

hui ting, symala, fiona, me & li ling

the Two Sexy & Elegant MC of the night with ME
Cute Mei Ling & Me At the backstage..

Hui Ting & Me After 1st Session finish
Me & Cavina..

The Organizing Commitee Of the concert... Good Job!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

After study like mad for a week, at last my exam ends. I have get my results too. It's not that good as i expect and not as good as my teacher expect. Luckilly i did not fail any subjects. Almost all the my teachers that teach my class came in and scold every one of us for our bad results. Because there are many people who fail some subject. all the teachers tired with us and do not know what to do with us. That is so sad to hear about that. Whatever it is,i must try very very hard and be more hardworking in my studies d or else i will regret.

The week after my exam i went to a trip to KL-Genting for 3 days and 2 nights. This trip is organized by my school traffic wardens. Since i am the president of the board, so i have to go to the trip too. There are not enough people to go. At last we manage to pull 30 people including teachers to go with us. Overall the trip is very tiring because we went there under a tour guide and everything was already planned properly. We have to rush abit because we only have a limited time over there. Luckilly things run smoothly in that 3 days and 2 nights. Actually, this was the only school trip that ever went with my friends ever since i study in my school and it will be the last trip that i am going to go with my fellow friends. Is kind of fun too.. We enjoy and have fun together especially in taking pictures. We took alot alot of funny and nice pictures during our trip.
Pictures of elora, mei ling, me, wen shan, cavina & chia ming.. frenz 4 life..

I did not buy much things during the trip. Most of the money i spent was on food and outdoor games at Genting Highlands.
I can't imagine that i played almost all the challenging outdoor games at Genting Highlands. Last time i was really really scared to sit the challenging ride like roller coaster or even the corkscrew. But this time, i sit most of it except for the space shot & flying coaster. I really realy don't dare to sit the space shot because i feel it is too high and i am scared to take the challenge. End up me and yi yin did not sit that. overall the trip can be say as cool..

For now, i will be busy for my school musical concert. Hope that on that day everything will run smoothly and the most importa
nt thing is to sell off all the tickets too..

Me & Chia Ming at KlCC with a cute bear

Its me & chia ming at the Petronas Sky Bridge

Chia Ming & me at eye on msia
Me & Annie at KLCC

Ms Wen Shan & Me Below : Yi Yin (my new friends from Union) & Me

Hiau Mei Ling & Me at the hotel...

Me at Genting Hotel.. Nice lightings

Me standing at the sky bridge..
Looks like woring girl right??? haha
love you gals... muakz...miss ya

Monday, March 19, 2007


above are the cast for Hana Kimi Taiwan Series..

Comparison between hana kimi manga & the series

Is been so long i did not update my blog. Stil got a few of my friends keep asking me to update my blog and told me that is kind of boring if i did not do so. Recently i have finish watching my new taiwan series Hana Kimi or known as Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. Is a very very nice movie. It took me 2 days to watch finish the whole series. Some of my friends always say that i am a crazy girl because i always watch a series within a few days only whereas they are not. What to do, watching series is my famous hobby.
Among all the cast in this series, Wu Zun is the most cute and handasome guy that i like. Eventhough some of my friends say that the way he act is so kayu abit but i still like him. Jiro is also another funny guy. Whatever movie that he act will definately involves his funny characteristic.
The main plot is about a girl named Rui Xi(Ashiya Mizuki) who wanted to see the boy named Zuo Ye Quan(Sano Izumi)(who she fell in love with when she made her journey to Japan,and saw his high jump performance).Rui Xi disguised herself into a boy and went to the Boy's High School which Quan is studying there.And she's staying in the same dormitory with Quan,but the 2nd day Quan discovered Rui Xi is a girl,but he didn't reveal the truth.Another person who knew Rui Xi is a girl is the school's doctor Mei Tian who is a gay..And a boy named Zhong Jin Xiu Yi(Nakatsu Shuuichi) fell in love with Rui Xi,who didn't know that Rui Xi is a girl and keep suspecting himself is a gay..(he's very funny haha..)