Saturday, July 16, 2011

hello my blog... hahahha
The 1st week after i finished my intern officially on 8th July 2011...
This week I did something crazy. Thanks to my friend, siau po... haha..
Anyway good try.. never try never know.. don't ask me what I did ya.. hahaha

Sunday, July 10, 2011

She's Married!!!!
She's the lady.. oh oh oh She's the lady...
2nd July 2011 was her very very important day for her life.
The day she tied together with her lovely husband rodney khor.
The day that all of us are waiting for ... The crazy night we had and the big sggs gathering we had so far...
Nowadays wedding event is the event for most of us to gather and meet old friends. It can be also said as a gathering event for all close friends.
Congratulations again to our head prefect Tan Li Ling and Rodney Khor..
Liling, u look pretty, gorgeous and awesome on that night...
My hair.. Thanks to huiting's mum who help me to tie this hair.. Known as waterfall hair
me with the lovely bride..
her favourite colour WHITE....
hahaha the whites' again
white wine.. the wine was nice too.. taste sweet more than bitter
SGGS form 6 students.. year 2007/2008
hahahahhaahah.. the crazy photos of the night
other SGGS girls..