Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wow, it seems that i have not update my blog for a very very long time. What to do, my modem got struck by lightning for a few weeks until today it hasn't come back yet from my cousin brother house.. These days i have quite a bad luck. Modem get struck, lost something, & worst thing GET APENDIX... 13th JUNE 2007 was my unlucky day for me. For those who did not know anything, i get into hospital on that day and stayed for 3 days at Lam Wah Ee. It was my 1st time staying in hospital and get operate there too.. At first i thought it is only a normal stomach pain for me but sad to say when i go 2 to clinic the doctor already suspect that i have apendix and need to go to the hospital for check up.
When i heard that i was damm scard and the first thing i think of is oh shit, i cannot go to my school prom night which is another 1 week times.. my parents scold me crazy fella.. haha..
What to do, i have to think of my prom because it will be my last year with my school friends to get together beautifully at gurney hotel.. lol..
Anyway i want to thanks all my friends for concerning me when they know that i was in the hospital. Some even came and visit me. Thanks to my beloved hui fen, who spread to the whole world through msn too. . that was the funny thing that she did for me before she went back to kl.
Luckilly i manage to go to my schhol prom on 23th june at gurney hotel grand ballroom. It was the 1st year i attend school prom night. Last time when i was in F5, there is no prom night for us. We only had luncheon at E&O hotel and it is not as grand as prom night. Everyone was soso beautiful and elegance on that night. You can't imagine how beautifull all the girls during the night. Even some of them i can't recohnise who they are actually. Elora was one of the nominees of the belle of the night & best dressed while hui ting, fiona, elora claudia & others were the nominees for best dressed. I wore green tube dress on that night and guess what.. I wore the same dress with Swee Yen. Not only same dressed but same colour too. What a perfect day.. haha.. I thinks that i look like aunty like that on that nite. Maybe because of the make up..
The winner for the belle of the night was Rosa from form 5 who wear a long gold gown. She looks elegance and preety and sweet too. Fiona won best dress award on that night.. My table and me myself were not that lucky on that day becuase we did not win any lucky drwa prize..
the only thing i got on that day is the best monitor of f6 award. I was shocked. I thought that elora will get it.. Overall, the prom is great and it ended up good..