Sunday, September 30, 2007

Its 12.00midnight on the 28th september 2007... Boom... Happy Birthday Song that my buddhist gang sing for me at my house... I was so shocked. I didn't thought of someone will come to my house to sing birthday song for me.. Actually I was enjoying watching my korean series that night until daniel and wei keat came to my house telling me that they forgot to take their pen drive back home. When they say that they did not take their pendrive back, I was really wondering and keep thinking what are they actually trying to do. It seems weird cause their acting skills is bad.. haha..
Sumhow i feel happy becuase this is the 1st time my friends come to my house at 12midnight to give me a surprise. One thing more special is.... they did not bring a cake for me to blow but a small little cute mooncake (ang kung aga piah)... damm funny..
On th 29th morning, i went yam cha with my family members.. My sister came bcak for my birthday this year. She came back only for 3 days. I am very happy that she came back fro my birthday because i miss her so much and long time din play withe her d... On the afternoon, i followed my parents to the airport to drop my sister. She is going back to singapore again.. So sad that she went back so fast.. cannot chit chat with her d unless through internet nia.. she will be having exam on monday. that is why she have to go back on saurday afternoon or else she have no time to study..
On my brithday night, I went to AUTO CITY!!!!... It was my first time went & step in auto city.. It was a memorable night for me in auto city during my birthday. My buddhist gang bring me to auto city to celebrate my birthdya. I never thought that auto city is such a nice & beautiful place. Seriously, when i reached there i feel that i was like sua pa kau like that.. damm funny..
We went to Halo Cafe to eat. Halo cafe is really a nice place to eat..The environment is nice & romantic too.. There was also 3 handsome guys singing & playing instrument on the stage.. The cafe has their own theme which is some sort known as chinese theme... Their food & drinks were very special & relevant in price too.. When we reached there, there was also a birthday celbration for a small kid. The little kid born on the same day with me too.. I have a great day at Halo Cafe. Taking pictures with my friends & also the clown too.. haha..
At 1st my friends were planning to give me a surprise birthday celebration after we have our meal at the cafe, but somehow the surprise is the other way round from what they expected. Anyway, i still feel kamtung & happy. They bought a heart shape birthday cake from penang & ask the Halo cafe workers to do a surpise birthday for me.. The 3 singers went on stage & sing birthday song for me including the clown.. hehe.. (abit paiseh lar)...
After dinner we walk around auto city & we also took alot of picture. There was still hello kitty lantern display over there. We did not enter the lantern display because is king of expensive but we only took picture infront of the entrance..
I really have a great time on my birthday. Thank you everyone for your birthday wish & birthday present too.. I love you guys & girls so much...muakz..........