Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to campus again...
Reach campus not long ago.. few hours ago..
Now tired like hell.. back to my hostel again.. sad sad...
Is time to start a new semester and a new beginning of year 2010..
4 days to go to year 2010.. new year new beginning new challenging life again..
Today is a tired day.. Wash and polish my beloved baby myvi this morning for few hours, then pack my stuff and then at night clean my own room at usm..
what a tired day ... ok lazy to blog
wish all my friends all the best in and enjoy your new semester and new year too..:)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve..

the food we ate
My sis ppk me.. At 1st she suppose to come back from Singapore during christmas but somehow she couldn't make it.. She will only be back on 31st Dec which is during the new year..
Well, on xmas eve i went for a lovely dinner with my friends at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant.
Last year we did had our xmas dinner at a korean restaurant called Korean Palace.
Daorae is much more nicer compare to Korean Palace food..
The price is also reasonable too.. Good food and good environment too... yumyum..
After dinner we went for a movie.. We watched Sherlock Holmes...
It was nice.. an interesting detective movie...thumbs up..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Exploring Hatyai, Thailand 2009
Welcome to Hatyai..
At last we manage to have our trip to hatyai.. It was plan since few weeks ago..
This was the 1st time i went to hatyao with my fellow friends..
Six of us - hui tin, me, juin, chia ming, jane and wei ping.. and this was the 1st time jane follow us for a trip. After so long, she manage to persuade her parents and brother to join us along..
even though it is only a 2 days and one night trip but it brings laughter and happiness to all of us..
We really enjoy this trip very much. Chit chatting, crapping, doing stupid things and so on all day long at a place that nobody know us.. lolz...
We even plan to go to Bali by end of next year .. but i am not sure all of us can make it or not..
I hope all of us can make it.. then it will gonna be fun... winks:)
I must enjoy my 2nd year as much as possible next year before i am going to start my industrial training during my 3rd year...
Holiday going to end soon.. It was fast... going to start my 4th semester very soon in just a few days.. haihz.. i really hope my 4th sem will be better...
Hope everything will run smoothly as what i expect.. not to regret or what... maybe i must wake up now.. but ..... no comments...our 1st lunch... MCD.. Babi Burger..

Friday, December 04, 2009

Last minute telling me that there is no pc fair job for you...
what the hell.... should tell me earlier right... tell me at this last minute time...
I am not sad or what because of not getting the job but I really don't like of this kind of people..
At first telling you that you can work and so damn last minute telling you that sorry we already get back our old workers to work..
Did not even call me back to tell me.. Waiting his call until 12 midnight.. end up i rather call him back.. and this is what he telling me...
So sorry for wenshan too... luckily didnt ask my uni friends who is not staying in penang to work..
ok the end... :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Meeting my friends...
Last few weeks, went out meeting friends..
Usually everyone of us will meet our friends during our semester break..
Crazy around, fooling around and chit chatting all night long..
That are what we always do when we meet each other..
Having semester break until 28th Dec..
Staying at home online, watching movies, and meeting friends..
This holiday did not go anywhere else for holiday or trip ... maybe will go soon...

naughty renae... a farewell for you before you depart to bintulu for internship...
have fun there...see you this cny