Saturday, January 29, 2011

USM Polymer Engineering - CNY Reunion Dinner
18 of us plus 3 materials and one 4th year senior went to BM for a CNY reunion dinner.
CNY is coming soon. In a few days more . Today is the 2nd day of our CNY plus mid semester break...
We went to Lok Yuen located at BM for a wonderful dinner.
All of us were enjoying ourself, chit chatting and taking pictures together.
Once a year, we will do a CNy reunion dinner. Last two years was at Tambun but this time we change to BM. This was the 1st time all of 3rd year polymer engineering students manage to get
together for this reunion dinner. Cool right.. haha
After dinner, we went for a bubble milk tea drink , movie (homecoming) at jusco and supper at Raja Uda.
Everyone was enjoying themselves and laughing in the cinema while watching the singapore movie (homecoming)
Anyway I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you GONG XI FA CHAI!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Get more ang pows and share with me.. teehee..:)
the gals
the boys

Material Night 2011 - A Walk of FameVenue : Cititel Penang
Date : 21st January 2011
This year, material night was organized by we all (the 3rd year students).
This time we planned to make it in a different way w
hereby the 1st year and 2nd year do perform on that night as well as 3rd year too.
I was asked to choreograph an opening dance for the night. The task was actually not as easy as what i thought. Overall of 9 minute plus dance is not an easy task.
But luckily it came out perfectly and it was a nice one. hehe.. sorry for self praising myself.
Thanks to all the dancers (meiling, shiawmei, wangyn, jiayee, huimin, justin, sean, ren haw, terrance and randy). They really practice hard for the night performance. It took us about 2 weeks to learn and practice. Thumbs up and good job ..
Oh yeah, thanks justin for his help. At 1st he refusedto dance (but actually i knew that he wanted to dance but he was shy).. haha... thanks for combining all the songs too.. u can dance
.. bo beep bo beep.. haha
Mei ling and terrance were great too. Terrance learned the break dance in a day. He do not have any dance background and never tried dancing break dan
ce . Bravo for him.. He enjoyed the dance as well , even he like to dance bo beep bo beep (shake butt)..
Actually I think all of them love dancing and enjoy
ed it too. I think they missed the moment we practice and do all crazy stuff in th studio/cafe foyer..
Material night ended up perfectly. It was much more better compared to last year. Many seniors said that too.. hehe.. (not self praising ourself again)..
On that night itself, we do enjoyed taking pictures around with our friends, seniors and camwhore too..
The gals dancer.. missing meiling
haha.. couple dance pose
bo beep bo beep arrr
St georgeous... Georgians..
Me and Princess Meiling
Polymer Engineering Year 3 students
3rd year of Material School
After night, we went back to our hotel that we booked, Oriental Hotel.
At 1st planned to go for a movie but too bad we were late.. No more movies for us.
Coffee Island as supper time and chit chat time.. After that back t
o our rooms continue chit chat while waiting for our turns to bath. Crazy night in the hotel..Even went down to buy mee cup.
Slept nearly at 5 plus in the morning and woke up ab
out 8 plus. Freaking cold at night. Everyone was freezing .. Too cold in our room. The air cond cannot be swi
tch off cause the hotel use the centralize air cond (the old type).
Breakfast at pulau tikus market, went to siam and myanmar temple for pictures session and movie at gurney (a malaysia movie, great day).. funny and nice show
Oh yeah, i nearly forgot.
Before movie at gurney, I had an accident. A malay man who drives a vios car bang into my myvi from the back. We was damn shock. It was too sudden and the impact was big.
Luckily it was his fault , not my fault. He was willing to pay for
everything. It cost about 2K.. expensive right?? what to do, repair at perodua. Need to change original parts. too bad for him..
We went canoe after movie. Really enjoyed canoeing but very tired. All of us had a great time canoeing and playing the water. It was a crazy afternoon together with hsien ming , darrel and darrel gf. (sorry haw forgot to call you to join us).
At night we had a wonderful dinner at taiwan shop, Kochi.
By the time we went back to uni, all of us already very tired. But all of us enjoyed it to the max..
Canoe Gang

P/s : i am lazy to blog actually. so i think there are many mistakes..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Korea Trip 2010 (part 1)
I think I am only going to summarize my korea trip by posting more pics than wordings..
Actually I am a bit lazy to type ...
21st December 2010 -30th December 2010, the dates I went to Korea with Hui Ting, crazy Wang Sing and Kristie..It was the 1st time I travel alone with my friends to Korea. When my dad and mum agree to let me travel alone to meet my friends at Korea, I was like Yippie.... I made it to Korea at last. It was cold and winter season when we went there.. The temperature went down until -16 degree during Christmas Day itself and the highest temperature we went through was like only 10 degree (I think)..
We actually stayed in a hostel called Seoulwise Guesthouse which we booked earlier- 2 double decker set with bathroom , a mine kitchen and breakfast included. It was a nice place with nice boss. The owner was very helpful and friendly. He always thought that we are like small
kids who doesn't care about our safety and health. Everyday he will ask us what we do the previous day, where we went , this and that. Is like our daddy...
Overall we actually spend about RM1.5k without including flight ticket and shopping. Isn't it CHEAP!!!... I never thought that we only spend that much. Only about Rm100 for transportation (bus plus taxi plus subway). Transportation is very convenient at Korea. Going one place to another place by subway and bus are fast and easy way.
the 1st time i see a heater under a chair in the subway.. haha

The only thing that costly was the food itself. The average amount needed for a meal was about Rm18. I miss korea food a lot!!! Dukboggi, Samgyetang, Bimbimbap, Bulgogi, Samgyeopsal, Kimchi, all the bbq pork, bbq beef, bbq chicken and so on..... So delicious..Miss it very very much.. It is even more expensive to eat in Penang. But once a while is ok :).. teehee....
We even tried Soju and Rice Wine (bacardi).. Soju was too heavy for us. I prefer the rice wine.. It taste better .
goguma - sweet potato.. really sweet
this was nice.. dunno the name
dukboggi outside the road
Rice Wine (Bacardi).. nice
the side dishes
Samgyetang - ginseng chicken.. yumyum
bbq pork
best dukboggi... i love this the best.. taste superb
Oh yeah.. as usual cosmetic is super cheap in Korea.. No matter where you go and where you are, there is at least one cosmetic shop around you.
Famous brands like Nature Repuplic, Etude House, Body Shop, Face Shop and others..
We shop for almost 10 hours during our 1st day in Korea.. Scary right.. This are girls.... hahaha...
We grab what cosmetic we want at Myeondong. Most of the sales girl at Myeongdong can speak in mandrin. So, it was easy for us to communicate and buy our stuff..:)
My 1st korean Idol- TVXQ (JYJ)
Yuri with me.. haha
After more than 10 hours shopping at Myeondong..
Micky Gelato Shop - Time Out Gelato

2nd Day - Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream & Coffee Prince Shop
- I met my sister friend on the 2nd day. ChangChangSub was his name. He bought along his friend name Kut Chi (sorry I do not know how to spell)..
- Had a great time with him and nice meeting both of them. His friend was cute and Changsub was chubby and nice
- We tour around the palace, taking pictures and had a delicious dinner at Insadong Street. Korean dumpling, seafood noodles and korean noodles. It was superb.. yumyum..
i learn to write my name in korean.. so ugly... haha
seafood noodle
korean dumpling
say cheese.. kamsahmida changsub and friend
nice meeting you changsub and friend....
- Walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream, a long and wonderful stream. Good place for dating.. haha.. It was freaking cold at that time so we qui
ckly walked and took some pictures before we went to Coffee Island Shop for a hot drink.

3rd Day - Christmas Eve at Lotte World& Clubbing at Coccoon
- We went to Lotte World, an amusement park. It was crowded with people. There was not much exciting outdoor rides. It was -14 degrees on that day and we managed to walk for the whole day.. yeah...
- For the very 1st time I try the dropper under this freaking cold weather and it was much taller then the one in genting. (in genting is called solero shot)
- We watched a few shows and performances in Lotte World. Xmas performances too.
- Took a few pictures with the stars (JYY, Big Bang, Rain & etc) in Star Avenue.
Lotte World Star Avenue
- Went to club at night nearby out hostel area at Hongik University. A lot of girls wearing very thin layer of clothes under -14 degree.. crazy man..
- Korea club was so much different and fun compared to Penang's club. The people around was almost all good looking too.. haha..
camwhore... see my eyes... haha 1st time...

P.s : will continue when i am free ... abit lazy d... haha