Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is not a good day!!!
Huh.. today is a tired day for me..
I am so lazy and tired to update my blog but still i want to do so TODAY...
As u can see from the pic, what a sad incident happened right???
Went lunch today after my class and after lunch this is what happened to my baby myvi..
Still new to me.. 1 month only...
Partly is my fault because i didn't remind my friends and myself not to put our bags in the car .
My mum always remind me not to do so as anyone can just break into my car to steal anything even though there is NOTHING important in the bag..
Really WTF when i see that my car condition.. I thought that i was dreaming or what.. It happened too sudden.. Stupid malay .. That stupid guy not only broke into my car but another 2 more cars. He seem so desperate for something but end up what he got was just all the rubbish (notes, papers and no money in it)..
I think he took 2 lab coats which belongs to lilin and karfay, 3 calculators, 3 bags and 3 bags of notes..ish.. i need to buy a new calculator.. wth.. what can he do with these things.. study?? haha FUNNY...
There are 5 bags in my car and he took 3 of it.. somehow he manage to choose the best 3.. damn him.. luckily my lab technician and lecturer are good.. they knew my condition and let me settle my stuff or else i am going to delay my lab..
Anyway thx to my friends who help me today..
2molo i will be having anothe quiz.. semiconductor quiz and i am so tired and no mood 2 study.. 2molo sum1 please let me copy then.... no other way then copy..