Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3

Yesterday I went for a movie with my friends. We watched Toy Story 3 in 3D version.
The movie was nice and cute. I love to watch toy story ever since i was young. The last toy story 2 was like 10 years ago. The 3D version was not that good that I expected. They can actually do more than what they show us. Ice Age 3 and Shrek Forever After in 3D version are much better compare to Toy Story 3 in 3D version.
Overall the movie is nice and i love it.. winks:)
Synopsis: The creators of the beloved "Toy Story" films re-open the toy box and bring moviegoers back to the delightful world of our favorite gang of toy characters in "Toy Story 3". As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future. Directed by Lee Unkrich (co-director of "Toy Story 2" and "Finding Nemo"), "Toy Story 3" is a comical new adventure that lands the toys in a room full untamed tots who can't wait to get their sticky little fingers on these "new" toys. It's pandemonium as they try to stay together, ensuring "no toy gets left behind." Meanwhile, Barbie comes face to plastic face with Ken (yes, that Ken).

Buzz is Cute. Do not hold on his button for 5 seconds.. haha.. If you did that , then you will laugh like mad with his spanish language. Mr & Mrs Potato Head are funny too. The way they act and the way Mr Potato Head trying to transform its body is damn funny.
My 9 Days & 8 Nights In Shanghai, China..
Just came back a few days after my 9 days holiday trip at Shanghai with my daddy and mummy. We went under tour together with my parents hiking friends and one of their daughter.
1st Day - Suzhou
Suzhou Times Square - Located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the second-largest high-technology development. It includes Grade-A office buildings retail streets, riverfront cafes and shopping mall.
Suzhou Science & Cultural Arts Centre (SSCAC) - built alongside the beautiful Lake Jin Ji on 150,000sq. meter of land south of the maple forest abd the Suzhou International Expo Centre
Cruise on Qi Li Shan Tang Street - Outside hotel.. long river.. looking at old house and how china people use to live during the olden days.Suzhou Times SquareSuzhou Night Life
2nd Day - Nanjing
Nanjing Massacre Memorial and Museum - It is the location of the massacre by Japanese invaders in 1937 and the mass grave of the Chinese who were killed during the atrocities. About 300 thousand of victims. All the skull were all around covered by stones.
Nanjing Massacre Memorial and MuseumShopping at Fuji (Confucius) Temple Street - Nice night view with all shopping lots.. Many type of food and cheap stuff..
KFC "Pou Tart". can't find in Malaysia. Yumyum.. like it and it taste good.. finger licking good

World Longest Changjiang Bridge - used by both motor vehicles and train
3rd Day - Wuxi
Li Hu Park - It covers an area of more than 300 acres for the city's largest park.
Cruise on the beautiful Tai Lake - about 4 times the size of Singapore country.
Lingshan temple - The Lingshan Grand Buddha sits on the site of an ancient Buddhist Temple- Xiangxiang Temple of the Tang and Song Dynasties. A very big and nice place. You need 1 day to walk the whole place.The water splashing pagoda showBrahma Palace Inner view of Brahma PalaceThe outdoor bronze statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is 88 meter high. It was set up at the same time when the temple was rebuilt.The laughing buddha statue
Shopping at Sanyang Square - Biggest mall in Wuxi. All the branded stuff can get here but is expensive due to the tax different. Buy famous Wuxi Pork Rib there

4rd Day - Jiaxing & Hangzhou
Board a cruise on Nan Lake (Yue He Old Town)
Transfer to Hangzhou - Capital of Zhejiang
Cruise on lovely West Lake - enveloped by lush green hills with its clear waters reflecting the surrounding landscape.
Viewing fish at Huagang (Flora Harbour) Park and Liulangwenying Park.
Visit Longjiang Tea Village to understand the tea culturea. Nice tea. The tea can be eaten without putting any hot water.
At night we watched a show. "The Romance of Song Dynasty" at Hangzhou. A very nice and unique show. It show all the special scene such as during the war period, during the king's birthday celebration with all the beautiful girls dancing around, the love story between "Liang San Bo Yu Zhu Li Ye" (romeo and Juliet). With all their advanced computer technology, manpower and lighting, the show was superb.
5th Day - Zhuji & Yiwu
Xi Shi Palace at Zhuji - where the four major beauty Xi Shi Palace.
Zhuji Fold Museum - light lotus candle and and dinner over there
Yiwu International Trade City - extension of China Commodity City from jewelry, toys, gifts, crafts, office stationary, watches, household items and more.
6th Day - Dongyang & Hengdian
Dongyang City Museum - advanced facilities, complete functions are lary) large scale modernization of china province the country (city) level museum. Dongyanag museum is famous with wood carving. There is one gallery exhibition if wood and bamboo carving display. Very nice carving.
Heng Dian World Studios - is the Asian state biggest film and television photography base, by the reputation is "Eastern Hollywood". The real place for filming suppose to be the other place. It was destroy by a fire. Then they rebuild the place at Hengdian. Really big place and it looks like the king palace itself. I even saw them doing some filming inside.
Yu Shan Hong Show at Heng Dian World Studios Entertainment - The place just beside the Heng Dian World Studios. Place where you can watch live show and get some entertainment. Wasted we don't have the time to try on the roller coaster ride and other rides. Too many people lining up.
7th & 8th Day - Shanghai

Shanghai World Financial Trade Centre (SWTC). A total of 100 level with a total of 492m high. Able to beat Taiwan 101 Tower. Due to the extra underground floor in SWFC. Get to see nice scenery and view of the whole shanghai from the top of the tower. All the high rise tower and buildings.

Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Museum (outside view). We watched the “ERA Acrobatic Show” in the grand theatre. We even got a nice seat to watch it. Great acrobatic show from them even got handsome guy and beautiful girl there.. keke..

Shanghai City Skyline Cruising on the Huang Pu River before we went to Shanghai Expo 2010. The Huangpu river is the mother river of Shanghai. It rises in Taihu, a total length of 114km. It divides Shanghai in two districts of Puxi and Pudong. In the cruise we were able to see all the high rise tower clearly. Even the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower which known as “Dongfang Mingzhu Tower). It is one of the tower that symbolic Shanghai country. Last time people call this river as “Shanghai Tan” in Cantonese. Like the Hong Kong drama show.Nangpu bridge built in November 1991, 1st bridge spanning Huangpu River in the urban area of Shanghai. Total length of the bridge and ramp is 846m and 7500 m respectively. Whole bridge lenth = 8346 m

We took the cruise until we reached the World Shanghai Expo 2010. This expo is a World Expo in the grand tradition of international fairs and expositions. “Better City Better Life” is the theme of the whole expo. My eyes were like rolling around and I was like woww when I reached there. I do not know how to express my feelings. Once I reached there, I just wanted to go into ever y pavilion but I knew that I can’t. The whole place was like so damn fabulous and so damn nice and unique. The visitors there were like few thousand or even millions. All the famous pavilion like Japan, Korea, USA, Rusia, Canada and others , you need to wait at least 4 to 5 hours just to go in the pavilion to have a look. Even Malaysia itself.. haha…This is crazy right. There were a lot of people willingly to line up under the hot sun with their umbrella for few hours just to go in. Swt. Even China Pavilion itself you need to line up. Everyone told me that China Pavilion was a nice pavilion. They only give about 500 tickets out to go in the China Pavilion per few hours I think. Oh yeah, I bought myself a expo passport so as my souvenir. I just get the stamp from every country that I am able to visit on my passport itself. Cool right.. Haha.. I manage to get about 20 plus of stamp. Some was from joint countries in a pavilion. No choice I can’t went in to the famous pavilion. Hehe… I only have around 9 hours like that to look around. I where got time to enter all the pavilions in this short time. I just took the shuttle bus around once to look the outside view.

When you were outside the expo most of us were like wahhhh… There were so many travel busses parking outside. About few thousand. Scary right. One big expo. This expo was really a successful one compare to other country who organize it. I just get to know that this expo was held every 2 years once in different country. I am kind of lucky for able to visit this expo. my expo ticket.. cute right.. hehemy expo passport as my souvenirmy expo passport inner viewRepublic Of Korea PavilionNepal Pavilion Expo Mascot name Hai BaoMexico PavilionMalaysia pavilionThailand PavilionExpo Pretty Girl that help me around...i met a cute guy there and manage to capture a pic with him.. hehe .. nice to meet you :)China Pavilion

At night we went to Chenghuang Temple to pray and shop awhile before we proceed to our lovely dinner. The last night we had a wonderful and great buffet dinner In a 5 star hotel. The buffet includes many varieties of food. Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Italian, Chinese and others. Haaegen Daz ice cream too.. hehe. The next morning we had some morning walk around our hotel area before we took our flight back to Penang Island. So, this was my all about my lovely journey to Shanghai, China. Waiting for my next holiday trip to somewhere else.. I love travelling around.. WINKS..:)

P/s : hehe.. there are more pics in my facebook account.. pics all around.. love taking pics..