Friday, June 27, 2008

The time has come!!! Intake for our UNIVERSITY!!
At last, everyone need to enroll to their own university. I would like to blog 1st before I am going down to Sungai Nibong, USM Engineering Campus. Hui Ting had just left to Sabah yesterday. And now is my turn to go to USM. Next will be chia ming, amanda, phei chuin and so on.. Time really fly fast. Everyone really need to separate. It is so sad that all of us need to separate and get ourself ready into a brand new environment in Universuty. University life will be much more different than school life. I really love and prefer school life. I am so scared to go to Uni and also scared to know new friends. Sumhow the feeling is there. Excited?? not really. Scared more..
I hope that all my friends will enjoy and study well in their own university. If got enatu ba remeber to share ya.. Must always keep in touch as usual lor.. haha
Now, i am talking as if i am going to die like that.. lolz
i will be continue blogging about my uni life soon after my orientation lor..
Take more pics .. haha..
I just finished packing my stuf.. really lots..
thx to my mum.. lolz
take care frenz..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jane 20th Earlier Birthday!!!

German Bear compare to Ice Lemon Tea

me & Jane posing wif her cake

see how jane react with her cake.. lolz
Haha.. this time we celebrated jane birthday earlier. Suppose her birthday is on 30.6.08 but we celebrated for her yesterday (24/6/08).. No choice because all of us have to go to university soon latest by this sunday!!.. Like ju say, only kiddies were there that night- ju, ming, ting, ping & jane. Suppose we wanted to celebrate together wif Angelyn since her birthday is on August and since she wanted to go back to Canada d.. But sumhow kiddies shud know why she can't make it that night.. hehe
INGOLF Geraman restaurant, thats the place we went yesterday. The food is nice & big too. We ordered four dishes and share among ourselves. It was my first time eating at a German restaurant.. Cool!! I never knew that there is a German Restaurant at he hilltop. At 1st we plan to go to Langkawi but now we end up went to German just to have our special dinner.. Hehe.. For those not here don't jealous ya.. yummy yummy.. Actually the price is quite relevant too.. Thanks Ju & Ting for treating us and paying half of the bill.. winksTing, Ju, Jane, Me & Ming

Look at our Cute Action during the Olden Days!!Opz.. What is meiling trying to do...

Yo, Y o, Yo!! Yet Another Farewell....
Huh, this time we did another farewell after gurney outing. This time there is no Amanda & Cavina but we have Claudia, Wei Ping, & Jane with us.. Cool leh.. I was thinking, our farewell won't ended until we are going to uni.. We did a potluck dinner at Ting Aunt's house at Scotland Road. Everyone have to bring one type of food as it is a potluck. There are, jelly, chicken, sausage by mei ling, fried cintan mee by ME & Jane, Corn, Cakes, Drink, Junk Food & lots more. B4 the night, I went to watch Kunfu Panda with my kiddies.. (i think u noe who u are).. haha.. It was really a nice n cute movie. I laugh like mad and is worth to watch it..But so sad, our small kid cannot make it for this movie. She vomitted.. (she must be notti) opz... hehe..

At night we had the potluck dinner. Guess what we did at about 9 something at night?? Me, Chiaming & Yu Jean went into the pool. We change our swimming costume and play in the pool. 3 Of us like the entertainer. We are like entertaining the others who were sitting around the pool side.. Haha.. damm funny.. we end up not swimming but chit chatting around the pool.. wat a cute thing.. we chit chat quite long and also took alot of funny funny pics.. haha..
We are like as if won't see each other again.. I think i am crapping..
Miss ya frens & Keep In Touch.. Muakz...:)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get Together Again!!!!

Here we are!!! Jolyn, Mei Ling, Loo Wen, Me, Wen Shan, Phei Chuin, Li Ling, Yu Jean, Hui Ting, Elora, Amanda & Chia Ming

Guess what, we went out again.. Can you see sososo many people?? I group of SGGS F6 gang.. Cool leh.. This was another gathering we had yesterday at Gurney Plaza. As usual chit chatting, saying lame jokes, shopping for uni clothes and so on.. It was not our last gathering with everyone before all of us going to university. We going to have pool party & airport farewell for hui ting too.. winks.. :) Stupid facebook too slow to load pictures, so i load here more..
PC, Cav, Amanda, Lora & Me

Amanda, Me, MeiLing & Wen Shan

Me, Mei Mei & Bu San

Another pic of Lulu acting cute, me & Mojojojo

Wat are you trying to look..LOOK AT ME!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mizi Bistro Again!!! & Bed!!!
The cake that we bought for wp!!
1, 2 CHESSE!!!! group pics
Guess what izzit1! My fishy food
this is juju food!! yummy yummy

18th June 2008 was Wei Ping birthday. It was her 20th birthday. We went to Mizi Restaurant at New World Park again since all them din go there before. This time we went out together with Renae & Yuen Nee which very long we didnt hang out with this two siau lala.. haha.. Opz they sure beat me up if they saw this.. Just joking nia my dear.. winks..

Ting, Ju, Me, Jane & Ming

Nee, Ting, Ju, Me, Ping, Jane & Ming

Opz, who is not in here!! Sorry then.. Birthday gal where are u??

We bought wp a body shop perfume & also a vincci sunglass since she didn't have one.. As usual we did abit of surprise for her at Mizi Restaurant by suddenly bring in a cake to the restaurant and sing birthday song for her. Anyway she early early guess that we will did that for her because it was our usual plan all this while. Next time we should change idea d. This idea not alreadi old d.. hehe:) Everyone of us ordered a set meal again.. This time i order fishy cause the last time i went ther i ate chicken.. (sorry forgot the fishy name d)..
The "KOPI" Geng!!
Last Pics taken on that day.. wasted SP & Angelyn nt in..
After we had our lunch we went to BED which located at Belissa Row. Is a nice place to sit, relax and have drink BUT next time must remember them to spray sheltox first before they open their shop cause there are a few mosquito around there. HAHA!!! (tats what hui ting was saying)
We ordered some drinks & we start playing cards. We played bluff there & took some pictures before we left there.
Beside wei ping birthday on the 18th June 2008, I do have a critical night before that. My University application results was out on the same day at 12midnight. I was so nervous that time and so scared that i won't get any university offer or any course that i want. ALl this while i pray heart that i can get USM, Nibong Tebal because is so near to my house which is about 45mins journey. I do not want to go too far to study. I was consider so lucky that i get USM and university offer. If compare to others that didn't get any offer. As what everyone says, it is better to get a place in university than nothing 1st. Since we can change course if we score good in our results. So sad that everyone is going to leave soon by the end of this month. Hui Ting to Sabah, Chia Ming & Loo Wen to Perlis, Amanda to Australia & so as Elora toIndia. I surely will miss all the days we had and all the sweet memories we had together in skool and also with all the kiddies.. hehe.. Time is getting faster and faster. Appreciate every moments together and prepared fast or else no time for you d.. Have fun and enjoy your new environment life in Univesity to all my friends.. Good luck & all th ebst in future too.. muakz..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Continuous - Vietam Holiday 2008
Day 4 – 16th June 2008 : Ninh Binh – Hoa Lu – Tam Coc – Bich Dong
Morning about 8am take a boat tip through rice field to Tam Coc. It took about 2 hours on a small boat like sampan and it is about 6km long. After that we cycle around the about 2km around the kampong area and paddy field to visit Nam Thien Do Nhi Dong Cave and Pagoda which situated on a cave. We had our lunch and depart to the Hao Lu old Catidel, the King Dinh and Tran Temples. Drive back to Hanoi about 2 hours. Had our dinner and went to the night market at Hanoi again for shopping. Overnight in Hanoi.

We took picture with a vietnam girl that we met. Her name is Ling.

Our Dinner food at Hotel.. Nice leh!!!

Me, Mummy & Daddy at Tam Coc Paddy Field area cycling early in the morning

Day 5 – 17th June 2008 : Hanoi – Penang
Wake up and had our breakfast at hotel, pack our bags properly. Then we had some morning walk around our hotel and visit their morning market. There you can see many aunties & uncles sell fruits, seafood (really big compare to our seafood), & lots more. We bought their small pineapple to eat. It was really sweet. Sweeter compare to our big pineapples here. After that we depart to No Bai International Airport about 11.30am and took our flight from Hanoi to KL & back to Penang. Reach Penang about 9 something. Bye Bye to Hanoi then.. Lolz

Last Picture taken with our tour Guide - Son at Hanoi City. Battery flat after this picture
Guess what money is this?? Vietnam Don money!!! Rm1 - 4500don.. isn't it big amount.. hehe
Overall I really enjoy my trip to Vietnam. Actually the wether is hot there about 31 degrees. Is a unique place to go and to experience. I guess after 10 years later, Vietnam will be an advanced place. If anyone plan to go, remember to go to Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Tam Coc & also Sapa Trekking.

My Vietnam Holiday Trip 2008!!!!!
Day 1- 13th June 2008 : Hanoi City
Take flight from Penang (8.00am) to KL Airport. Reach KL about 8.45am. Transit from KL (10.45pm) to Hanoi. Reach No Bai Airport (Hanoi) at 1.10pm. Meet tour guide and visited Ethnology Museum (show all 54 ethnics pictures, living styles & cultures ). Check in Elizaberth Hotel & rest a while. Next, walk around 36 old streets around out hotel, visited Hoan Kien Lake & Ngoc Son Temple. Walk around & then had dinner at Water Puppet Restaurant. About 6.30pm (Hanoi Time) watched Water Puppetry Show for an hour. Shopping around & overnight at Hotel.
My funny face in the air plane...

Our flight ticket.. kl-Hanoi

This 2 doll looks cute right?? Don't think of other things.. Just a cute deco.. around an atap house.. haha

In front of Ethnology Museum..

During the Water Puppetry Show

Day 2 – 14th June 2008 : Hanoi – Ha Long Bay
Wake up at 6.30am & had our breakfast. Visited Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum & Ho Chi Minh Museum at 8.00am. In Ho chi Minh’s Mausoleum we saw his dead body which had preserved. In Ho Chi Minh Museum we saw his history, pictures & some history display. Then visited One Pillar Pagoda which situated outside the Ho Chi Minh’s Museum. (Story about a lady dream that kuan yin give her a baby boy since she always born many daughters – as a memorial for Kuan Yin). After that visited Temple of Literature-the first university of Vietnam (built in 1970). There are few thousand of doctors scholars name carve on a turtle head bricks. Have lunch and departed to Halong Bay – the World Heritage granted by UNESCO in 1994. Overnight in Halong.

Outside Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

The royal general meeting place

Picture with Uncle Ho Chi Minh At One Pillar Pagoda with Dad

Is Vietnam Food- Curry chicken, Noodles & Fresh Spring Rolls Day 3 – 15th June 2008 : Halong Bay – Thai Binh – Nam Dinh – Ninh Binh
As usual wake up at 6.30am then went breakfast at the hotel. Then we went for a boat trip through majestic Ha Long Bay. It was a hot morning. Enjoy beautiful landscape of Ha Long naturally formed by islands and islets, explore natural caves or sunbathing. Went in a beautiful scenery cave. We had our seafood lunch on boat. About 12 something depart to Ninh Binh for sightseeing landscape of Thai Binh province and stopover in Nam Dinh for visiting Tran Temples and Pho Minh Pagoda. Arrive Ninh Binh at evening, check in hotel, dinner, night walk and overnight in Tam Coc. Raining a a bit at night.

Pictures took at Majestic Halong Bay & Inside Halong Bay Caves

Yummy Yummy - Seafood that we eat on boat!!!!

Have you seen a Floating Market!!