Sunday, April 08, 2007

At last after our effort fro about 2 months, the day had arrived. SGGS Musical COncert 2007 which was held at Dewan Budaya USM yesterday for two shift. This concert was organized by our school Student Council & USM people. At first we thought that the tickets for the night session and afternoon session won't sell off till the day of the concert. We went to almost every school to promote our tickets but some of the students did not even want to entertain us or bother us. Some will come and make fun of our school concert and some says that it is very expensive because the tickets are sold for RM 20 per session and RM 10 for those below 12. But when the concert is coming nearer and nearer, many people approach us to buy tickets. SOme of them book their tickets earlier so that there is still tickets left for them. I can say that the tickets for the night session sold very fast until some of our school students and outsiders get dissapointed because no night tickets for them to go. Many people prefer to go to the night session. Luckilly there are still many people during the afternoon session. More than half of the hall was full during the afternoon session. Overall both session of the concert was cool. Everyone says that the concert was cool and rocks. RM 20 is worth it. The concert also run smoothly yesterday and all the audience including our teachers was shocked and enjoyed the concert very much. At last our hard work for 2 months worth it and ended up great. Phei Chuin, our stage manager really really work hard for this and she is the one who is responsible to run the whole thing smoothly. Without a great stage manager, there won't be a great concert like yesterday. I really really enjoyed yesterday night and was so happy after it ended. Hope that there will be a cool concert like this next time..

Mei Ling, Me, Chia Ming, Yu Jean & Sathia

The Senioritas Dancers... Sexy & sweet galzzz
Me & Ada Ho At the Back Stage.. B4 the 2nd session.. rest & relax 1st..
Wan Mei, Hui Ting, me, sze Wah & Li Ling

hui ting, symala, fiona, me & li ling

the Two Sexy & Elegant MC of the night with ME
Cute Mei Ling & Me At the backstage..

Hui Ting & Me After 1st Session finish
Me & Cavina..

The Organizing Commitee Of the concert... Good Job!!