Monday, May 26, 2008

Get together & Indiana Jones

Yesterday, i just went out with my whole gang of chi mui. But then not really everyone of chi mui went out. Our beloved Siaw Ping is in Singapore right now. So, every chi mui was there except for her only. Hehe. It has been quit long since our last gathering together so many people. Angelyn came back from Canada that is why we can get every1 together. At first we planned to book Indiana Jones movie ticket but end up it was fully book. So, end up we book Narnia, Prince Caspian. We went for lunch first before going to gurney plaza. Baby Ju took us to eat koany teow th'ng wif eggs. This was the 1st time i ate koay teow th'ng with eggs. haha..
I didnt know that there is such things and it was like my first time eating at there if i am not wrong.. lolz...
After lunch, we went staright to gurney. When we arrive gurney it is still early for us to take our ticket, so we went to ausino and even parson grand to look for a wedding gift to Siaw ping sister & her husband as their wedding dinner is on 1st June 2008. We end up bought a set of comforter. Thats wats our plan too..
Guess what we are so lucky that day. When we collect our ticket, we do ask wether is there any seat available for Indiana Jones movie. Somehow we are so lucky we mange to buy it and watch it. Its an intresting movie... hehe...
After movie we have no place to go so we went to sunrise MCD to eat and chit chat. We have alot of fun chit chating with one another.. haha.. is like we didnt met for like a years.. lolz

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 2008 - Mother's Day, Grandma Bufday, Papa Birthday & Wesak Day
Papa Birthday Surprise at Home...

Me & Ama During Mother's Day

Mummy Loves you.. Muakzzz
Ashton & Me!!!

I know it has been very long I didn’t blog. Is like about a month since I last update my blog. All my friends keep updating their blog but I am kind of lazy to update it every time. Even my baby juju also keep blogging. She have been updating her blog now and then. (I guess if she read this she sure scold me wan) lolz..
Actually many things have been happening around me this month (May08). Mummy Day, Gramdma Birthday, Daddy Birthday and even Wesak Day. I spent a lot of money too during this month. No choice but have to. My sister came back on Saturday which is during my grandma birthday celebration. She just came back for 2 days and fly back on yesterday afternoon. Even though she came back for only 2 days, but I still happy that she came back. The last time I saw her was during Chinese New Year 08. Miss her so much and she will be back on July soon. I know that she is soso tired because she have been very busy these few days .She always has been very lucky every time when she wanna go back to Singapore. She gets to seat together with the pilot at the cockpit because there are no more seats left for her to go back. No choice, she has to take jump seat. Sitting together with the pilot is very interesting and good experience too. She gets to see what and how they control the plane and so on. Cool Man.
Last Sunday was mummy day celebration. My sis sent a cute calendar of pictures to my grandma and my mum, It was very nice though I did not do it. I took my mummy & grandma for dim sum breakfast .We do eat dinner together at night.
On 17th May 2008 was my grandma birthday celebration. Me and my sister bought a ½ kg cake there to surprise our dad because his birthday is on 19th May 2008 which is in 2 days more. At 1st we so undecided weather should we buy the cake or not but at last we bought it and we surprise our dad too. We know that he likes this kind of situation celebration where all of our close relatives get together once a while eating and chit chatting. Everyone was enjoying the night even the 3 little cute babies (ashton, le yong & ping jun). 3 little cute babies running up and down playing around. That was cute.

Family Get Together on Grandama Birthday
On the 18th May 2008 right on 12am, we give our dad another surprise that he unexpected. I actually ordered another ½ kag of carrot cheese cake to surprise my dad since Saturday. 2nd birthday surprise birthday celebration for my dad. At 1st he was like wanted to scold us but then end up he still happy with eat. He just say why wanna waste money to buy 2 cake and blow twice. Haha… :)
As for 19th May 2008 all of you know it is Wesak Day Celebration. Me, Juin, Chia Ming, Wen Shan & Mei Ling went for Wesak procession at night. Wah, it seems like very tiring. Is like very long I didn’t walk for so long distance. No choice cause everyday work and work and work , end up lazy to do exercise and no time too. There are about more than 15 floats all togeteher. I didn’t really count how many float is it actually. After walking for about 2 hours we end up eating supper at a coffee shop and chit chat until about 11pm. Long time didn’t hang out until so long d. lolz..