Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday i went to my god mother house to do something special. I had been two years i didn't do this. Guess what am i talking about?? Is kuih kapit making for Chinese New year. As everyone of you know that kuih kapit/love letters is one of the famous biscuits druing Chinese New Year festival and it is also one of my favourite biscuit too. yummy yummy.
On sunday morning, my mom woke me up early in the morning. 6.30AM!!!! Is toooo early for me to wake up especially is SUNDAY!!! which is my best day to wake up late..
What to do i have no choice since both my mom and my god mother need my precious hand.. lol.. my job is kind of easy but need to work fast. I need to fold the shape of kuih kapit once it already okay. At 1st i can't really bare with the hot and fresh kuih kapit because i have to straight immediately fold it when its bake. If i am slow in folding it, then i get screw because i wasted the kuih kapit.. Working from 8 am till 2pm, at last its done. I am happy with it because its a nice eperience and i like doing this. What my god mother told me was if you did not do chinese cookies yourself during Chinese New Year festival, then you won't have the feel of CNY. Is like having fun and to get the feell before the real day.
Besides doing kuih kapit, my mom also make peanut cookies and almond cookies. Is nice to eat but hard to do because it needs time and sacrifice.. so, try doing cny cookies to get nice experience..

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wow, it had been a long long time i did not touch my blog and update it. Some of my friends keep asking me to update my blog but i have no time until today.. paiseh lar..
Ever since my school start about 3 weeks, i was so damm busy from morning till night. Alot of homeworks were given to me evryday and need to pass it up the next day. Sweat man.. LAst time if i do not want to finish up my homework is fine. But now, all my teachers are mad.. Haha.. They said in order 2 score you need to do pmore practice this and that.
Not onli homework, i still have my tuition, extra class for 1 day and also stay back for school sport practice and also some meeting.
Everyday runing here and there and studying till 2 pm. It is really really tired for me and its now onli 3 weeks of schooling. I have to tahan for 1 more year for it to ends.
School keep on having extra activities and meetings. Mostly all of my freinds and I are tired with this new system which is 1 session system.
now, i just can't wait for chinese new year to come. I can enjoy the day and get more ang pow and money.. haha..