Monday, December 20, 2010

CTC 2001 Gathering...
Orion Patrol during CTC 2001... Memories....

CTC 2001 gathering after one decade.. 2010
CTC stands for Combined Training Camp.. An end year camp organized by PFS 8th South boy scout.. 8th south is also known as sea scout..Usually around December ..
It was the 2nd camp I went and the 1st end year camp I went ever since i am a girl guides in secondary school..
It was a very great and adventurous camp I ever went. With all my senior scout members like Mingyu as my PL , Simon Loh, Wan Yean, Fred Goh and others. They really taught us a a lot and we do learn a lot from them. Having these senior patrol members, It was indeed fun and interesting.. Oh yeah not forgetting our visitor , Desmond Foo..
Who always came to our patrol meeting and disturb us.. Even after or during his SPM paper.. Crazy right..
Orion was my patrol name and our school patrol members were Tracy as PS, Angela Chye, Hui Ting, Renae, Wei Ping, Diana Ngoh, Ming Siew, Agkillah, Jane and Me... 10 of us
The most amazing things I ever see and learn in camps was ship building competition. These sea scouts were good and creative in designing plus making a ship. Things like satay stick, glue gun, tooth pick, unused tyre, unused cans and others were used as the material.
After about a decade from 2001 until now 2010, we finally had a gathering yesterday..
It was so long we never see each other. People like Desmond Foo, Simon Log, Ming Siew and Kai Tarng.. At least i still keep in touch with Simon.. The rest I only notice their updates through facebook. It was a great night meeting all of them..
Talking about our past and current condition. Laughing around and recall our memories...
Some of them are working now some of us are still studying..
Scouting and Guiding life were the most exciting and memorable thing in our life..
Knowing various type of friends and learning from each other, enjoying every patrol meetings and doing all those adventurous activities during camps...
We shall meet again more often too.. winks.. :)
Oh yeah... I will be off for a few days to KOREA...
Korea here I come... Excited to go Korea .... Anyhow early Merry Christmas & Happy 2011 New Year wish to all my friends... Enjoy the very last few days before 2010 year ends.. :)
HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY 2 JUIN ( sorry for the late post)
Lovely juju and me

I just realize something today.... See how forgetful I am..
I suppose to post this birthday post earlier on 14th Dec 2010 but somehow I forgot to do so..
These days always forget to this and that.. But at least I realize and post it now.. haha
14th Dec 1988 was actually one of my kiddies birthday - Quah
It was her 22nd birthday and we celebrated her birthday at Blue Reef restaurant at Straits Quay..
Oh yeah, It was the 1st time I went to Staits Quay. I didn't know or realize of this place in Penang until my friend told me last few week
s ago. Too bad I am not up-to-date regarding this thing..
Blue Reef is a restaurant famous with its Fish & Chips ( some
how after I posted the pics at fb my cousin brother told me that Blue Reef own
er is his friend.. what a small world..he should have told me earlier then I can ask him for extra or special food).. haha
We had a great night eating, fooling and taking pictures around the place.. winks..
Fish & Chips
grilled salmon fish with nice mashed potatoes
chicken cordon bleu
prawns, calamari and chips