Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday to Au Li Lin!!!
May you enjoy your birthday and may all your wish comes true...
At last you reach 20 ...lolz

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Early 21st Birthday to Angelyn Yeap !!!
17 August 2009 will be her real birthday..
Since she will be going back to Canada next thursday, so we celebrated her birthday earlier for her..
In addition some of us will not be at Penang next week.. People like me who will not be having my mid semester break... sobsob.. We already had our mid sem break earlier last week due to H1N1..
Hui Ting actually keep asking me to take a lot of pictures to show her since she is at Sabah...
We went to Passion of Kerala,New World Park for our lunch . This was the 1st time i went there.
The food is unique . Our rice is served on a banana leaf rather than plate . The food taste delicious and in a reasonable price too.
As usual we had our cake cutting ceremony for angelyn..... Happy early 21st Birthday..
This year most of our birthday cake was bought at Ritz.. No more Jenny cake house.. :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Welcome back to Penang Ms Lim Siaw Ping aka my "siau chi mui" who came back all the way from Singapore..
Came back to meet us as we know she miss us very much... hehe.. even though she only spend 2 days with us but her return worth than a thousand words...
Actually it is all because of her, i came back from university.. I just went back to my uni on wednesday and came back to Penang again on Friday.. see how good i am to you, sp... hehe
Quite a tired week because went out almost whole friday and saturday .. In addition i am still having cough.. still can't recover after I finished my antibiotic.. even seek for the doctor the 2nd time...
HP actually went to gurney to watched HP on friday with friends..
HP watche HP (huiping watched harry potter)... thats what my friends always said to me..
that show not that nice from what i thought..somehow, the movie was too long and not that intresting ...
Maybe because i did not read the book at all..
Dinner time we went to gurney drive hawker centre. At last i get to eat Tau Fu Fa. Last week I was so eager and desperately searching for Tau Fu Fa ... I was so happy that i get to eat it.. haha.. At night we went for a drink at 75Degree i think before we went back.. (hot honey for me)...
Then on Saturday, we went to redbox and so coincidence i met my coursemates at redbox too.. they actually plan to go to pc fair after redbox..sadly I can't really join them because i was busy..
After movie, we went for another show again.. Actually i don't even know the actual title of the movie i watched. All I know there are Louis Koo & Barbie Hse who acted in the movie..
Anyway it is a funny movie.. It is like something for us to laugh and release tension..
We then move to our next destination , The Chocolate Boutique. It was the 1st time i went there. I never knew that there is this place. Shop full with chocolate from local made...
I can't get to taste the chocolate at all because i am still having cough. The chocolate is nice but quite expensive.
SP is flying back to Singapore on Monday morning. Hope she have a safe journey back and take care too... will miss you too...
Really want to thank you for your lovely flower.. Is nice and happy to get it from you too..
jane, me & yuen nee
me, siawping, jane & weiping