Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Hiking Trip to 84..
It is my first time in my entire life hiking up to 84. Everytime I will hike up the hill near my house from the bottom until 39. All the while I keep thinking that hike up from 39 until 84 is a very though things and I also scared that I won’t have the strength to do so. Somehow today I agree with my parents to go hiking with them until 84. I have not doing any exercise since I had my appendix operation which is already more than two months ago. Hiking up Padang Tembak hill until 84 is my first exercise after my two months break. After all I feel that it is not that hard and difficult to hike up until 84. We actually took around one hour to hike up. It is kind of fast because we did not stop long in between. At last I get to hike till 84. I am kind of happy that I can make it. I even thought that I can faint or have no energy to continue hike till I reach 84. I guess next time I should bring my friends to hike up till 84 and then continue to either penang hill or botanical garden. I think it will be a good experience doing so as my parent’s had tried it before with their friends.
Countdown, one more day to go before my holiday ends. This month will be the hungry ghost month which means the 7th month in Chinese calendar. Many families will pray to their beloved one who had passed away at home. Besides that, there are many places having Chinese orchestra / singing performances (ko tai) in conjunction of the hungry ghost festival. Since it is the hungry ghost month, everyone is advised to take care of themselves and don’t simply say any wrong thing. That’s what Chinese belief…

Friday, August 24, 2007


What is holiday mean to you?? fun, excited, enjoy relax & enjoy... This one week holiday is not the fun & enjoy holiday that i going to have. It is like a one week break given to all of us especially those having their pmr, spm or stpm trial to revise or study. I can't really discipline myself studying at home the whole week. Is very boring looking the book. I wonder if any of my friend has finish their studies..
Time really passes fast nowadays. Two days more to go before my school starts again.. This few days i have been eating, sleeping, tuition,playing computer & also not forget watching dvds (which is my all time favourite). Sometimes when i wanted to start studying, i feel very lazy and i won't seat stil in front of my book unless i go to library to study, which i had do so for 2 days like that.. The only thing i pray heart is i can pass my trial with flying colours. hehe..

Picture taken at city baview... during student council farwel

ting, me & fiona..