Monday, December 29, 2008


Where and what did i actually do on that day??
Came back from uni at afternoon then rest..
Went for a movie (Twilight) at Gurney, then dinner at Korean Palace..
It was the 1st time i went to a korean restaurant to have korean food..
The price is affordable for all and the food is nice too.. next time shud bring my friends along there.. One person about RM 25 like tat nia..
After we had our dinner we went up to Batu Feringghi, Summerset Bistro...
But somehow our plan failed cause when we arrived there, it was already full with people.. No place to seat.. End up we went to ting relative house for some celebration..
Sumhow suddenly i feel that xmas eve is no that happening this year..
Even the road was kind of quite along tanjung bungah...
After tat we planned to drive round upper penang road to have a look and see weather is there any parking for us..
Wow, we were kind of lucky cause we manage to find a car park.. haha
We actually went in to Fame & Glo Club for free... haha..
We hang around there and then move to QE2 at Jetty for awhile..
Haha.. tat was our xmas eve.. ..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Tong Yun Day aka Tang Chek (hokkien)
haha.. today is chinese christmas day where everyone will make tong yun to eat and pray..
sadly this year my family can't make the tong yun ourself.. we buy from outside to pray my ama, ahkong and ah cho..
Ah ma passed away not long ago so have to buy from outside this year..
Luckily i manage to eat tong yun before i return to usm.. So sad that i have to return to usm hostel today.. starting class tomorrow morning d.. What a sad thing..
All my uni friends still having their holiday until january.. Only USM students have to go back and start study.. stupid nia..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Juin at Singapore and Early X Mas Pressie!!!

Celebrated Juin 20th birthday at Singapore this year.. Hope that she will like the bag that we give her and hope she was happy on tat night we had at club too.. hehe Oh ya, thx er jie and ah ping for the early xmas presents.. love it ...

Mr yang yang... our prince in singapore....
he is only about 9 months.. damm cute and handsome boy... I know u all wanna ki siau cause i deleted his pic at huiting camera but at least i still have a few here.. haha
Holiday & Chirstmas in Singapore....

ladies night at club at St James power station with sister on my 2nd day...

Well, it is the 1st time i went for holiday with my friends alone without my parents. Even taking flight without my parents too.. At last after so long of planning we manage to go together..
Actually i was there about 9 days.. that was long..
Going together with hui ting, juin, chia ming and meet siaw ping there.. but then wasted no jane and angelyn..
Okay where we went??? Actually most of the place we went these year was exactly where i went last year with my daddy..Orchard Road decoration with candy theme....Singapore clubbing .. better compare to penang.. with live band..

Orchard road, Clarke Quay, Suntec City, Esplanade, Sentosa Island, Vivo City, Singapore Science Centre, China Town, Bugis & NUS... haha..
Among all places it was the 1st time i went to club - The Arena , Science Centre & Bugis.. Oh ya night ride till 5 am.. cool man..
Happy shopping around too.. but then must always convert into RM 1st before we buy.. When there is sales there, it really worth to buy... But i think i am not the one that shop the most.. hehe
Really had lots of fun with all my friends there..
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone here...

Ps: somehow is kind of blur the pics.. paisei lar.. haha

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I am at Singapore !!!
Yeye.. Now i am at Singapore... On9 in my sis room and staying at my sista hostel for a few days.
My friends (ming, ting & Ju)will be coming down to Singapore by bus on 12th night and reach on the 13th morning...
This time i will be staying at Singapore until maybe 17 or 18 of Disember..
I am so happy and glad that my dad n mummy at last allow me to come with my friends.
It is the 1st time i travel out of Malaysia by plane without my mum and dad and it will be the 1st time i join my kiddies for holiday..
Happy and excited...
I will be then staying at sping place when they reach...
Today i travelled about 5-6 hours before reaching my sister hostel..
Direct flight from Penang to Singapore was full. So we took flight from Penang - KL- Johor Bahru, then took bus to Kota Raya and transit to Singapore...
Kind of tired journey..
My finals result coming out soon .. Left 2 days to go...
All the best everyone...winks

Monday, December 01, 2008

Huhh... It had been quite long i didn't update my blog..
I am kind of lazy these days to update my blog..
What to do everyday i eat, sleep, watch dvd, online and etc... All the same routine everyday makes me damm bored at home sometimes..
Can't wait for my sista to come back these week then we will be going out everyday and swim swim with our beloved cousins...
Oh ya i can't wait for my Singapore trip to come again. These times i will be going back with my sista 1st then will join my kiddies later on.. haha..
This will be my 1st trip wif my beloved kiddies lor.. luckilly my parents end up allow me to go.. hohoho...
What have i do these past few weeks???>>>
Watch movies - madagascar & bolt, hang out with my friends and meet old friends, went hiking, pak tor with my daddy and mummy and amma, watch dvd at home, online, and dunno d..