Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yesterday was my 21st birthday..
29 September 1988 when i was born... 929, what a nice number right..
This year it was so coincident that on my birthday itself, it was also my grandma 1 year dead anniversary.. but i am at university.. didn't go back to pray.. anyway i did pray earlier last week..
29 sept is like a lucky day... I already found 3 friends who have the same birthday as me - siaw ping, jean ling and jing yan.. there are still a few people that i do not know..
Happy Birthday to them too.. :)
My sister came back to Penang on Sunday night..
We had a family dinner together with my god mother who is also my dad big sister..
This time we went to an indian restaurant..
Try something new where i ate until i sweat.. Due to the curry .. (haha i can't take spicy food)..
Is like a birthday family dinner.. Sister back for my birthday and also for ama dead anniversary
Really want to thank all my beloved friends who had wish me through sms, facebook and skype /msn...
Really really appreciate that .. Happy to get all your wishes..
There is too many friends for me to list down... :)
My uni friends celebrated my birthday 29/o9 early early morning at my uni cafe..
Thank you for the cheese cake, watch and cute red sotong that you all gave it to me as mybirthday present.. Love it...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Different hairstyle...
Guess how is my hair looks like.....
Did i curl , highlight, Cut it short or what.........
The answer is .......... I dye it...
The colour i choose to dye is suppose to be brown but somehow.....
It is not the real colour that iwant... It looks GOLD or YELLOWISH!!! as in gold from the top part...
Maybe is my hair problem.. i do not know what happen .....
Don't ask me why... when i see it I was like OMG...
Sometimes it looks nice sometimes it doesn't seem right...haha
Some of my friends said it is nice some said wow...
It looks very gold and bright under the sun.. especially the top part..
The top part seem like ah tu ah gau colour.. haha..
I can't do anything.. wait and see how will it be later.. I already did it... nothing I can do..
Anyway this is the 1st time i dye my hair... hehe... my friend told me "hiau la lu" go dye.. keke
Just want to try something new... hope the colour will get darker after some times.. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

- At 1st plan to watch tsunami but somehow the tickets were selling fast at that time when we bought it.. End up we watched gamer.. Seriously at 1st i nearly sleep in the cinema.. That time i was feel very sleepy but end up i did manage to open my eyes.. hehe..
It should be an interesting movie but for me the movie is okay only...We went Chilis for dinner.. This was actually a belated dinner for chiaming 21st birthday together with juin, weiping & jane..
It was the 1st time I actually eat at Chilis. Actually the price and the food portion is very resonable too. It is not that expensive than what I thought. It is definitely cheaper than TGI Friday.. The food is nice and yum yum... :)
As usual we do camwhore around wherever we go.. hehe. taking and collecting pictures are my favourite hobby as all or my friends knew it..
Oh ya, before I forgot.. thank you Juin, Jane, WeiPing, Chia Ming for the Haagen Dazs ice cream that all of your bought for me.. :)yum.. yum.. the food we atewe can't eat.. all we can do is to stare at the food..

23/9/09- Went gurney again.. Meet up with Yu Jean and the rest again.. hehe.. chit chat around and last but not least taking pictures around.. :).. Somehow somewhere we met Sathia... The last time I met her was like....... opz i forgt.. ..
This will be the last time i met elora before she fly back to india... Have a safe journey back and see you in one year time... Miss you lots...

24/9/09 - Redbox time@!!!!... That was our plan since long ago.. Together with 3 korean freak girls (jo, lulu & ming) and yuen nee... As all my friends know that we are the korean freak together with huiting who is currently at Singapore enjoying her assignment.. hehe..
yuen nee learn many new korean songs today from us.. :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chia Ming present from me to ming... hehelovely birthday cake
Yesterday was cm 21st...
We went for dim sum early in the morning where i couldn't wake up at that time..
luckily jo called me or else i will continue at my dreamland until afternoon... During holiday i will not wake up early unless there is any special occasion or outings going on.
Meeting up with shwing siong, alvin and his friends... crazy around and fooling around even after we finished eating..
standing nowhere doing stupid stuff and crapping non stop.. these is what we used to do..
oh ya: lesson of the day by ms wen shan regarding body shape - from the front looks like bumper but from the back looks like spotlight.. (don't ask me why because i am lazy to explain that)ws, pc, cm & me acting at the middle of road
We had our lunch at sakae sushi, queensbay.. meeting with bola, meiling & loowen...
As usual when there is someone birthday, there will be a birthday cake ..
But this time ming can't blow the candles.. we can only sing her birthday song and she can only cut the cake without blowing the candle... hehe..
this is due to some chinese law that her mum told her..
Later we will be having a dinner with ming together with another gang.. ju they all.. haha
continue blogging later.. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Justin.. haha