Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Dai Ka Che. LEE HUI TING!!!!!
.see how happy she is... laugh till like that.. haha.. i still rmb what happened at that time.. thx to jane.. lolzHope that you ill have a great and blast birthday at Sabah.. All the best for you exam too.. I am very sure that you can do your best.. :) .. Waiting for you to come back to Penang and we are going to rock Penang Island again.. haha... May all your birthday wish comes true..
Muaks Muakz & Hug Huggy.... :)))))))

Hope that he will score elastomer too... hehe
have great birthday 2 him too...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

After 2 days of part time job...
What did I do these Saturday and Sunday???? Study, sleeping at home, playing around or?????? Most if my university friends are studying hard for our coming finals which will be held in one weeks time.. scary right...
I myself who is still enjoying and I think only touch a bit on Titas, still didn't know how to write the word SCARED.. but actually I am more scared than all of you guys out there..
I still worked on Saturday and Sunday... Is just a last minute job.. I am so called craving for money as I wanted to go holiday with my friends and also need to spend during my holiday.. RM100 per day .. of cause I want.. Since I do not have my PC fair job at that time... hehe
Oh yeah, Ming & Me got another work, RM130 per day next mid may.. money money money... here I come... kekeke.... Paisei lar, this is the best way to earn money for yourself... keke...
I got another so called big secret wanted so shared with all my friends.. I think all of you sure laugh at my lame-ness secret.. YESTERDAY WAS MY 1ST TIME WEARING CONTACT LENSE.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...(i know it is lame.)
Seriously it was the 1st time.. I did not try wearing it last time.. Somehow my colleague ask me to try it once since I am selling that product. Freshlook Illuminates daily contact lense, where your eyes will look bigger while wearing it.
It took me only a few minutes to wear it.. wuhoo... thanks to my colleague for teaching me.. But is kind of difficult for me to take it off..
By the end of my work my eyes seems to be @@@... haha.. i think because i wear it for a longer period.. haha..
Quite a good experience wearing contact lense.. keke... Now i must plan my study time properly or else i am sure that I will get in a big big trouble soon.....
Hope I can settle all my studies... I seriously scared i can't finish it.. huh....
Happy Study everyone....

Friday, April 02, 2010

Believe & Understand
Thanks to Bro Leonard... end up i choose to post this.. hehe
When you said a word, do you actually know the real meaning behind the word?
Like the word Understand and the word Believe.
I am sure many people thinks that understand means like knowing something. But do you exactly know the exact definition of Understand?
Usually when someone ask you, do you understand this and that and of cause we will either said yes I understand or no I don't understand.
Like the word Believe. When you said you believe in something, do you exactly know is the thing you are believing in? People will choose to believe when he/she do not understand on something. As long as they believe on that person point of view that will feel ok it is safe to do so.
I got these examples from Bro Leonard :
One day he asked a little boy what is the answer when 1+1? The boy answered 2
Then when he asked the boy what is the answer when 2+1? The boy answered 3
When he asked the boy what is the answer when 2-3? The boy was confusing. He told him that how can 2 -3 ? From their understanding in school , 2 apples cannot minus 3 apples.
When he told the boy that the answer is negative the boy was shocked.
Somehow he choose to believe it without understanding it.
What about FRIENDS??? How do actually define it?? A world without friend what will it be?Life was never created for individuals to live alone. As the saying goes, no man is an island.
Of cause there are many types of friends around you. Trusted , not trusted, being nice or not nice to you, betrayer friends and so on...
True friends are hard to come by, but will remain in my heart no matter where life takes me. They may not be the people I see every day, or even every week, but no matter how hard or messy life gets, and regardless of the miles or time that separates us, they will be there. A true friendship isn’t about how long we have been friends; it’s about how good of friends we were. I had many people come into my life for only a short time, and he what I believe were true friendship. Most friendships will not last a lifetime, but just because a friendship doesn’t last a lifetime doesn’t means it wasn’t true. I feel that jus be yourself and treat your friends what you can. As long as you feels it is the right things to do, just do it and don’t hesitate to do so. Whatever others think of you it is just their problem. (Some I coated from chengling’s blog last time which I feel is it true)..