Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Its 29th September 2008 and i am already 20 by this time...
Not only me but to kiddie Siaw Ping too...
It was also the 1st day of vegertarian day. (kau ong ya)
This year was special abit than last year.
I had my dinner wif juin, jane and chia ming at vegetarian food stalls because they are vegetarian for 9 days ..
Then the night before my birthday ends, six siao kia came to my house at 11.59pm like that. Suppose they wanted to surprised me but to bad their planned end up got mess up by jason mook car alarm.. lolz
Anyway i am happy and thankful to them - daniel ngan, hsien ming, jason mook, stanley, chun kai and jastin for their surprised. So touched..
They came to my house with a cute secret receipe cake and we shared the cake. We chit chat quite long until 2 am and had supper at mamak until 3 something in the morning...
Tats how my birthday ends..
thanks everyone for their birthday wish and presents ya..
Selamat Hari Raya in advanced too..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today Wen Shan took meiling, me and my 3 coursemates out for lunch at Auto City, Juru. Wen Shan came to Usm since yesterday afternoon. She stay here for a night chit chatting and eating with us. That was fun.. We went to Seoul Garden to have our lunch until we did not realise it was already 4.30pm. This was the 2nd time i went to Seoul Garden. We took BBQ and Steamboat there.. Yummy yummy. We ate alot. Eat all you can right since you have paid for it.
Tommorrow morning i will be having my engineering drawing test which will contribute 30% to my final exam. Haihz... All this while i hate drawing.. Swt man..
Pray heart d.. Good luck to others .... Kambateh!!!

Me, Chui ting, See Mei, Li Lin & Mei LingMe and Li LinMei Ling, Me & wen Shan with our own made ice kacang
It is 5.06 AM!!!
Guess what??? Wow i am still online and blogging. Haha... It was the 1st time i stay till so late at USM.. Why is it so???
Cause my LK (engineering drawing) lor... haihz..
Me, meiling , see mei, lilin, chin tatt and yi zong stay up till this time..
We started our Lk at 9pm. We took about 7 hours plus to finish just only 3 drawing...keat leh..
Of cause we were not only drawing, we were kapsiauing.. lolz..
Su min and wen shan was there at 1st but they went back earlier than us..
After finish my Lk i did not sleep. Me, see mei and lilin were washing our clothes early in the morning as if we had just woke up like the malays..
But sadly we did not sleep yet...
Funny lar, 3 polymer gals washing their clothes at 5 something..
This week i feel that i became very naughty d..
I skip my 1 hour class on tuesday and today too.. It was only for these weeks..
I know i am lazy but no comments.. Once in a while i did this ..
Since we are going to have raya break, so its alright for this week.. not that too much lor..

Monday, September 22, 2008


Last saturday, me, juin, jane & juin cousing celebrated chia ming birthday in advanced. We have to celebrate in advanced because our dear ming going back to campus on her birthday. We went to gurney to watch a show, Mamma Mia!!!.. Luckily we managed to get the tickets because the previous day we try to book but it is all fully booked. That was so lucky. It was a very nice show. There are many funny parts that makes us laugh like mad. Everyone should watch that show. The cast keep on making you laugh. There were many foreigners watching that show too. I love all the songs that they sing such as Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and so on. Can’t really remember the song title. Everytime the cast sang the song you sure feels like wanted to stand up and sing along with them too… Friends, don’t miss this show ya!!

Pictures with Birthday girl Chia Ming - Juin, Me & Jane

After the show we went to our next station. DINNER TIME!!!! We went to Feringghi Garden. Wow, when I reach there I was so shocked. I never been there. It was really I nice and romantic place. Next time I should bring my family there too. The price of the food is very reasonable too. They only served western food. Each of us order different type of western food like, lamb chop, fish and chips, kiddies pizza and prawn cutlet. Our friend Jane end up order the usual food- fish n chips there.. funny lar she.. Actually we spent about RM30 per person for a dinner there. Is consider reasonable for this kind of place.

YUMMY YUMMY!!!! This was the food that we ordered~~~ Ting don't sad ya..

At 1st we planned to blow chia ming’s birthday cake there but we end up decided to change venue. We went to Sunset Bistro again. I still remember the last time I went there with all kiddies was the night before Ta Jie Wedding dinner. Now we went there with only four kiddies celebrating chia ming birthday. Actually it ended up jane , juin and juin cousin singing birthday song to me and chia ming. They say sing together 1st easier and merrier.. haha..

Even the DJ at sunset bistro played happy birthday song to us.. hehe.. We went back at about 10 something. We had to go back early because got a little girl together with us that was juin cousin sister.. Anyway thanks for the cake ya.. muakz..

Pictures taken at Sunset Bistro.. See there is ONLY 2 heineken on the table!!! haha

Ming & Ping with the drinks - september babies (missing another sept baby- siaw ping)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yesterday i went hiking with my parents. I didn't do any exercise for so long ever since i enter university. I am so lazy to do exercise and no one ask me out for exercise lor..
Getting fatter and fatter these days.. Everyday eat. sleep and study only..
It had been very long the last time i went hiking with my parents.
I thought i don't have the stamina and energy to hike up til 39 but somehow i make it.. haha..
Nothing to blog, just wanna share my hiking moments..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guess what?? yesterday before i went for my dinner i saw a very cute doggie. I was so shock at 1st. How come a group of malays student keep looking at one place. When i look over there, i saw a white cute dog. I never see a dog in a University before cause no dogs are allowed except for cats as u know there are malays here..
I manage to took a picture..
If i am allow to have a dog i will just kidnap it back..
So cute..
I wonder where is the doggie now..
maybe got someone throw it somewhere..,
sad nia...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mooncake Festival!!Chui Ting, See Mei, LiLin, Me & MeiLing during mooncake nightMei ling n chui ting prepare to perform

Guess what, my uni had just organize a mooncake festival night last wednesday. But i did not involve in anything. Go there and watch and eat only. Mei ling and Chui Ting perform on that night. Meiling was playing guitar and Chui Ting was playing keyboard. They was the only two 1st year student performing.. cool man.. On the night there were a few activities and performances held. Like, mooncake design competition, some catching fish games, band performance and others. There is a guy name Lee Ka Sing from 1st year perform and sing very well. He even join karaoke competition organize by usm students. Cool man.. His performance was superb... Really i good singer and talented one but wasted because he had gone to Northingham university to study. I really got shock. wow he really cool man.. This week nothing much happening on me.. My dear kiddies i can;t wait for the days for every1 to come back and we sit and we talk together.. really feel like i have many things to tell u all lor.. sobsob.... Nowadays damm lazy wanna study or even do any homework. Everyday watch movie even at home and hostel ...swt.. HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL EVERYONE MAY YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY WITH UR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

About my LK ( Lukisan Kerjuruteraan)

Nothing to blog, i just blog about my LK. This was the 1st time i draw this kind of things.
At 1st the drawing was very easy, but it become harder and harder every week..
I dunno weather i can score during exam or not..
scary leh.. enjoy my pictures....

Last minute drawing.. last week my room mate took this pictures.. is like the making of my LK

This was a few Lk that i had drawn.. Given back to me..


I actually have nothing much to post this days..
so boring but very happy because nowadays times fly very fast..
really damm fast..
maybe because i go back home every week, so nothing much difference for me..hehe
Now, puasa starts d. There is only 1 chinese food stall that sell food for us to eat.. sad leh..
So, everyday have to go out and eat or else there is no food for us to eat.. hehe
Since nothing to post i post a picture..
This was what i ate yesterday night at parit buntar. My friend bring me and meiling out to eat..
yummy yummy.. One person RM9 only..
next time when kiddies come we can go mum mum ...