Monday, August 25, 2008

Semester Break!!
Dear ting : dun be so sad that you can't come back. At least u got go out and have fun at pulau. Dun worry we kiddies sure will come and find you at Sabah and u gonna bring us around lor.
Okay, what did you do during my semester break??? Eat, sleep, rest, watch dvds and go out with my friends. I watched 21, went queensbay twice and gurney once and badminton and exercise too.. I did not do my assignment and home work during this break.. opzz...

Last picture i took with lora before she fly!!

I went out with elora. This was the last time i saw her before she is going to India to study. What a far place.. Sure will miss her very much.
She going to be very busy this few weeks before she is going down to Melaka for orientation on sept 6 if i am not wrong with the date.
At last everyone had left to study except our dear mojojojojo...

See how much we had eat!!!

Yesterday was Olympics Games Closing Ceromony at Beijing. I did not watched the front part as i don't have astro to watch. It was very nice and grand. The fireworks were superb. During the last performance you can see many artist from various country were singing together- nicholas tse, rain, jacky chan, joey yung, karen mok and so on.. I wonder will London beat Beijing opening & closing ceromony performances next 4 years??? hehe

Some fireworks pictures!! isn't it nice??

Friday, August 22, 2008

Early Birthday Present by Kiddies!!!

Today, my kiddies had just bought me my early birthday present. It is still kind of early for them to give me the present. But still i am so happy and thankful that they give me such an expensive present. I feel so bad for that.. hehe..
It was a New Balance with black and pink colour sport shoe. Seriously it is really a nice shoe. Love it very muchy..
Kiddies also bought chia ming an Esprit hand bag. We know that she likes it very much too..
Anyway i would like to thanks all my kiddies again. To hui ting and siaw ping kiddies thanks ya even though u all are not here at penang with us..

Pictures of my shoe!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

HOLIDAYING!!!!Birthday Cake!!!with 2 cute bear

Today was my 3rd day of holiday. This was the 1st time I am having one week semester break in university. Even though the holiday is only 1 week but I still feel happy and enjoy it. I get to sleep, play games, watch movie, go out and hang around with friends and eat!!! Suppose this one week break is given to us to study and revise our work but I do not have the mood to do so. I am going to have 3 test after this holiday and I never touch any of my books yet. Too bad I am so lazy to revise my work.

All my friends are back to penang too except for ting who is still at sabah. Miss her so much. Very long din chat and talk with her d. I know that she is now very enjoy over there. She will be going for a trip to pulau with her friends too. That’s cool. Hope she enjoy it..Does this looks like family picture?? nenek moyang with cucu cicit!!! haha

2nd take.. mostly all polymer students!! Birthday girl & boy - lilin and chin tatt (aren't they match) lolz

Last week before I came back for holiday, my friends, mei ling and me celebrated my two course mates birthday. Their birthday suppose to be during our holiday and during our test. So, we planned to celebrate their birthday earlier for them. We really surprised both of them. We bought a birthday cake, pizzas and some drinks. We celebrated their birthday at night at cafe. It was the 1st time me and mei ling stay up so night at the cafe celebrating their birthdays and chit chatting around till 12 something morning. cool!!

Nothing much happenned last week. Me and mei ling took guitar lesson. We did many things that we never did before when we are at USM. Like taking supper at mamak stall, cycle out to eat, playing badminton and so on.. hehe

Friday, August 01, 2008

Mei Ling, Me, Su Min, Chui Ting, See Mei & Li Lin.. taken at our lecture hall.. all my coursemates except Mei Ling!!
Opz, i do not know what title should i put for this blog.. haha.. At last i can on9 at my room after 4 days. The connection at my block was close due to some stupid fella who changed the ip number. So, the admin people wanna find out who was that person.. Today is friday.. at 1st i am suppose to go back home after my drawing class but then i can't go back now.. so sad I will be having a test TONIGHT at 8.30pm.. Late right?? and i haven't study yet and i will be going back straight after my test. Luckilly meiling brother left his car for her to go back. Okay, wat happen this whole week???
Oh, there was a competiton held at usm for only involve chinese students. Every year they will have this competition called (xiao hua xiao chao) - which means each engineering school must choose the most beautiful girl and the most handsome guy out to compete among other engineering schools. During the competition day, all this couple must dance and do cat walk too. Is like choosing the overall prom queen and prom king.. The winner will be based on votes. So, who get the most votes will win. Funney event right. This only involve all chinese students from 1st year and it was organized by the seniors. There was also a few stage performance too..Xi Hua & Xi Chao winner!! The most handsome boy and preety girl among all 1st batch students
Nothing much happen this week. Everyday same thing. Go class, study, sleep, eat.. haha..
Yesterday i just had my polymer dinner with all the seniors at Parit Buntar. During the dinner, we get to meet all our seniors and also get to know our own family. Everyone of us will have our own family which consists of all 4 years of students. There are 7 people in my family include me. 1 brother, 2 super brother/sister and 3 hyper brothers. So, the dinner was for us to interact among our family and know each other more. All this brothers and sisters will guide us all the way until our 4th year. They will pass all their notes, assignment work and whatever relevant study things to us. So , it is good. Need to study d.. lazy write d..Chui Ting & Me during polymer dinner..
Chin Tat & Chui Ting. Me 1st year coursemates..