Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baking & Cooking Lesson...
~Freshly bake bread and taiwanese minced meat~
Just finished with 7 hours cooking & baking lesson from my beloved aunty...
She is a good cook. She is able to cook and bake variety of food.
Everything is just in her finger tips..
She even has her own cooking bible.. recipes from her friends and some modified by herself after a few trial and error..
Cooking and baking are actually fun.. Depending on how much interest you put on it.
Kitchen is just like a playground world.. you can just mix and match everything as you like.. as long as it comes out nice..
Everything start with a trial and error method...
Cooking can makes one feel happy and self satisfaction once you see the results no matter it is failed or passed.. weee....... next 2 weeks I will learn how to make a pau.. wuhoo...
One thing, I am not strong enough to mix the bread dough by myself using my hand.. Ended up using the help of machine too.. :)
Baking moment....
My cinammon roll.. yumyum
Bread with sausages and also minced meat.. variety or weird shapes
Taiwanese Minced meat... sorry for the poor photo.. :) Really nice and smell good..

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