Sunday, September 25, 2011

This blog is dedicated to Lee Hui Ting
One of my very very best best Girlfriend I ever had in my life...
I know she will be very emotional when she read this.
But somehow I still wanted to write on this blog.
Like ming said, Words are never enough to express my love to you...
I never ever regret knowing you. Time passed very fast.
I hope that all of us won't be apart until we get old.
I know all of us are growing older and matured. From a small kid to a student and to an adult.
Life is getting more complicated and challenging. Every decision has to be made and no regret once we have select our own path. Just stay strong and keep the faith on you..

Even though one year is just a short time. I dunno why I am so emotional when you go to UK.
Even you go to Sabah for 3 years, I didn't cry and sad.
Yesterday and today , you people really bad. Make me cry.. My tears keep flowing like mad.. Damn...
Anyway , I had a great night with everyone yesterday... crazy and fooling around..

I hope that you will have a great year ahead at UK.
Enjoy your new life there to the max..Study smart too..
Enjoy your studies and get to know more friends there so that you can intro them to us.hahahaha
Have a safe flight to UK.. Miss you.. Muakz... muakz.. muakz.... Take care... See you soon :):)

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Ting said...

aiyoyo.... so touching... i will be back very soon. don't worry. i heart u very much too!! MUACKS!