Monday, May 02, 2011

The end of my 3rd Year...
29th May 2011 at 11am, official date and time
I finished my finals for this semester (6th Semester)..
The end of my 3rd Year students in USM Engineering
Campus at Nibong Tebal. What a fast time and day. Never thought I just finished my 3rd Year and going for Industrial Training soon. One more day to go for my 1st day of work. Scary right..
Time really pass fast. I am still satisfied with my current situation. I did spend my every hour, every minute and every second fully. No matter how I won't stay in my hostel all they long studying like nobody business. The only time I can start to concentrate on my studies was during my study week. I can't deny that and I can't de
ny my laziness..
Too bad this semester I had about 2 weeks of study week.
Am I lucky to have that long study week or not? I am not sure, but everything is over within a total of 4 weeks. Just like today. I am free.
Free like a bird..
Oh yeah, I just came back from Kedah trip. Attended Afiq (Polymer PHD student) wedding lunch at Yan, Kedah. Frankly speaking, we are not really that close to him but somehow we are too free we decided to attend his wedding and also indirectly tour around Sungai Petani plus Kedah area. Of course to my roommate (Loki Wong See Mei) house for the very first time..
The 1st time in 3 years.. haha.. One day crazy trip .. haha..
On friday we went for a lovely lunch and dinner which cost us around RM90 total per person.
We went for Japanese food for lunch at Sakae Sushi and at night we went for Korean food at Daorae BBQ Restaurant. Yum Yum.. we were freaking full.
Guess what, our bill was like RM400 plus plus for korean food. We was like wow.... luckily once a while.. haha... i love korean food.. hehehe.. yumyum..
This whole 3rd year, I really had a great time and moment with my fellow course mates and my gangs. We had a lot of crazy moment together. Doing all crazy things, going a lot of outings and more... too many things we did this whole 3rd year.. cool... hahaha
Holiday after finals is like only a few days . On 3rd May 2011 onwards - 7th July 2011, I will undergo 10 weeks of industrial training. Hope that everything will run smoothly. haha...
All the best for all my 3rd year friends. together we go through this 10 weeks.. Enjoy and hope we will have a great time.. teehee... :)

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